Show me your crate pictures!

WBL gave me the idea, so rather than highjack her thread==

Post you funny crate pictures here-

My favorite

She has a penthouse crate which she jumps in


Did someone open my crate???

Is breakfast ready yet??

Wow, your dogs get king size accommodations!

Not really funny per se but it makes me smile 🙂

I know… I know... There's no door... 😃
Casey didn't like being crated... I think she only "posed' in her crate because I had the camera... She never slept or stayed in there for long... Because she preferred the couch! 😃 😃 😃

LOL those are all cute

That is the cutest thing ever! My sister is constantly begging my parents for a puppy, I think I will send her this link and maybe it will get her some bargaining power…who could resist that!?

hahahah if only they slept 16 hours a day 🙂

She has a rawhide chew stuck to her lip

Heather, notice Dallas is stiff while sleeping in the pic I attached too. It is so funny that they can sleep like that! He will fall asleep on the sofa with stiff legs & I can actually carry him to his crate with his legs straight up in the air & he won't move them one bit. It's hilarious! These are crazy dogs huh? :p


She has a rawhide chew stuck to her lip


Rebecca... I'm on the internet on my phone in my three and a half hour environmental science class and I just saw that picture and almost laughed out loud. I had to hold it back hahaha I can see it now ... )

Sincee the day I got her… Nina... Mias slept like that. Rocky does it sometimes too lol its crazy... cute thoughh !

My pups are all raised is a big crate so I have lots of different pics of them in their crate. I also have some ones of my dogs in their x=pen when we are out at events.


Gosh in that first picture your Reds coat is absolutely stunning! It is so deep of a red I am envious! How on earth do you get such nice coloring?

Ahhhhh puppiesss!!!! Love em 😃

I'm loving the escape attempt that went..uuuhhh sleepy! 😃

here's tayda terrorizing the big dog in HIS crate! actually, she's playing… but its still funny. Keisha (other dog) is terrified! (and 3 times bigger than tayda)


Nice paw action.

You just can't ignore me!

Basenji Mix

OK - tonight, Duke and Daisy got tired, Duke on top, Daisy below - crate doors open - both found in their own beds:

I find them in their "rooms" often - they love their space - really unless I let them share mine.

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