Found some more pictures - Maya and the Gracie Pug!

These are some extra pictures i found on my camera from monday, dunno why they didnt download 😕 Anyway, thought i'd share! Gracie loves her baby sis really :rolleyes:


Just to add… Sorry the pics are so big, i tried to resize them on photobucket but i guess it didnt work 😞

I like the pics very much:D

I love pugs…. they don't seem fast at the pics but they are!! (well not as fast as Basenji) They are very easy going (bit naughty also... hahaha)

Thank you 😃

Yeah, pugs are faster than they look. Not as fast as Maya, though Gracie gave it a shot lol But they are great little dogs, i love them!

Just downloaded these few too… Sorry, SLOW sunday today lol

Lovely pictures, she looks a really elegant little girl. Look forward to seeing her in the flesh - when is her first show?


Her first show will be Southern Counties.

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