Basenji on cover of essays on poet John Tranter

  • First Basenji's

    An Australian friend sent me this link to a recently published book about John Tranter, an Australian poet. Gracing the cover is a photo of the poet and his Basenji:

    "Book cover photo, above and right, by Elizabeth Gillam: John Tranter with his basenji dog ?Biscuit?, Stanmore, Sydney, late 1989. Basenjis are African barkless dogs, though they are known to yodel and howl when they think they are alone. Owning a basenji is not like having a canine companion; it?s more like having an antelope as an occasional acquaintance. The Pygmies of Africa used basenjis to hunt small game, and often carried them on their shoulders, which the dogs seemed to like. Look up "basenji" on Google and in Wikipedia."

    … I'm afraid I don't know anything about the poet, but I'm more inclined to keep an eye out for his work, knowing his preference in dogs.

  • Although a poetry fan I'd not read John Tranter but am now going to find out more and try to get hold of his books.

  • How delightful, I love the description of life with a basenji.

  • This is very cool. Thank you for sharing!

  • Interesting. I know Roy Blount Jr wrote a poem about basenjis; I wonder if Tranter did as well.

  • BASENJI: "A small dog having a short
    Smooth coat, and not uttering the barking sound
    characteristic of most dogs"
    So what does it do? Snort?
    Utter the croaking sound characteristic of most frogs?
    Make an occasional snappy remark?
    Can it bark,
    And just demurs?
    You aren't going to tell me it purrs.

    From Webster's Ark by Roy T. Blount, Jr.

    I never heard of that one. Thanks for mentioning it!

  • OMG, I love his description of owning a B it is describes Dolce to a "T".

  • First Basenji's

    I'm pretty certain Bowpi would purr if she could…

  • Wow Arwen was going to look up the poem but you did it for me! Thanks.

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