• Hi all! I'm a basenji-less college student in Toledo, OH. I'm a mama to some Corgi boys right now and am not actively looking for a puppy, but rather a breeder. I've had a love of Basenjis for a long time but recently got back into looking into them because a friend is trying to find a puppy for her allergic daughter. The breed isn't right for her, but it re-ignited my passion for them. I'm not looking to add another pup to my family right now because aside from my Corgis, I foster for the humane society and Planned Pethood. I am, however, looking to find a breeder that I can get to know, so I can watch a few litters come and go. I don't plan on adding to the mix for 4 or 5 years, so I have quite a while, but I figure that the best thing for me to do is the find someone I truely respect and build a relationship with them so choosing a puppy will come easy. I also feel this is good for the breeder because it will give them the chance to get to know a potential adopter, which I can only assume would assuage the fear and worry a breeder must feel about giving away a puppy.

    Here are my boys, Dexter and Edison.

  • First Basenji's

    Hi there,

    I don't know any breeders (though I'm sure you'll get lots of great tips here). I just wanted to say welcome and coo a bit over your adorable boys. Great picture! Corgis were on our short-list of breeds to consider (no pun intended) because our Shiba has gotten along with every Corgi he's met, but that was before we found our Basenji.

  • Lol, short list! I absolutely love my boys, but I have to be honest - I wish I had fostered a few more before deciding on the breed because I was not ready for the assault of fur, haha. I knew they shed, but I am constantly pulling their hairs out of pillows and rugs and everything else. I'd never part with them though; just like I put up with the snoring and herding, I accept the shedding as fact. 🙂

  • Have you visited www.basenji.org to find a breeder you might connect with? There is a breeder referral list at the Parent club site

  • Welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing your cute boys with us!

  • Welcome to the forum and to your smiling boys. I do know just how much corgis can shed so I sympathise with you.

  • Welcome to the forum, www.basenjirescue.org also has lovely b's that need homes.
    If your interested.

  • Cute Corgis! Keerwashere and I are practically neighbors! Unfortunately, there isn't really anybody in our area breeding this year. But I have invited her to come visit our crazy group 🙂

  • I have visited the BCOA website and basenjis.org but the few people I have been in contact with either aren't breeding currently, or stopped breeding. I don't mind traveling an hour or so but I was really hoping someone within an hour would be the perfect match because I'd love to visit often. Naivety, I guess.

    I looked at the B rescue site as well, but since I'm not looking for anything right now, it's mostly just been, "Aww she's cute!" I absolutely don't mind adopting a rescue, but at this point, I really want to find someone who has a lot of Bs close by so I can experience the breed more. I fostered a tricolor girl for 6 weeks and loved her, but she was rather reserved and the only issues I had with her was climbing the fence to play with the neighbor dogs. She didn't chew or chase the other animals (even squirrels and rabbits in the yard were safer with her than with my Corgi!).

    Just like the "negatives" with my boys, I want to be able to fully judge and evaluate multiple Bs to make sure that I can handle their "downfalls". The chewing I can live with as I'm rather tidy, and the quirky noises would be nothing new to me since Eddy makes a wide array of noises when sleeping or waiting for a toy to be thrown. I think anyone looking to get a specific breed of dog should spend a lot of time with that breed because there are a lot of people who see perfect representations of, say, a Labrador and get one and discover that the dog is "too large" and chews and digs and makes messes and isn't aware of his size. Shelters would be a lot less full if people experienced the breed in more personal ways instead of just seeing the cute puppy and the well-behaved dogs on tv.

    /end rant!

  • @keerwashere:

    I wish I had fostered a few more before deciding on the breed because I was not ready for the assault of fur, haha.

    ROFLMAO, when I researched Rottweilers I did so extensively. The ONE thing I never considered was shedding. I thought .. short coat, how much can they shed? OMG. I now tell people interested in Rotties they only shed one time a year, but unfortunately it lasts 365 days. My husband swears there is still Mukat hair in the living room. Mukat died 4 yrs ago. He might be right, lol. I feed quality food, supplements, everything that is supposed to reduce shedding… even run humidifier even though not good for my asthma. Nope, shed they did.

    Your guys are cute!

    Well you should keep fostering for BRAT. That way you can experience several by the time you are ready to get your own. 🙂

  • Its very sensible to visit Basenji homes and get experiences from those who live with Basenjis. I'm pleased that Quercus is nearby.

    I no longer breed but my home is always open (and I get plenty of visits) to any one in the UK who is the slightest bit interested in seeing what it's like to live with these addictive and beautiful Basenjis (drawbacks and all!!)

  • I met this breeder several years ago and she was really great http://www.rugosabasenjis.com/. Her name is Vickie and she's up in the same area as you. Send her an email and see what she says.

    Good luck!

  • Vickie doesn't breed any longer, but I am sure she would love to talk about Basenjis and could refer you to other breeders in the area.

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