Looking for breeder near Florida or Georgia
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    Hi, I am trying to find a reputable basenji breeder near Florida or Georgia. Many of the breeder links on the BSOA page are obsolete - I have already tried that. Would also consider a breeder who ships but would really prefer to drive and pick up (I am in South Florida)…

    Mostly looking for a young female (already spayed would be great) for lure coursing and field hunting.

    Thanks In advance for your views and recommendations.

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  • Have you contacted Pam Hamilton's rescue? flbasenji@earthlink.net She is one of the few rescuers testing every dog for Fanconi.

    You can find Pam's videos

    Also, we have a few GA breeders here, this is just not puppy time of year so they may not be checking in as often.
    Go to www.basenji.org and then search for breeder directory to find a breeder in your area

    Sherwood Basenjis is in GA http://www.sherwoodbasenjis.com/

    as is Undercover Basenjis.

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    I am also looking for a B in Florida. Not anytime in the near future but hopefully within 2 years.

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