Looking for reputable breeder in Ohio

  • Hello, we just recently lost our beautiful Basenji boy, Leo from kidney failure. He was almost 13. We have had him from the time he was 14 weeks old. We would like to adopt another puppy. The breeder we adopted Leo from is no longer breeding nor have we been able to contact her for a referral. If anyone can lead us in the right direction to a trusted breeder we would appreciate it. We are willing to travel a couple hundred miles any direction. We are in Northern Ohio on Lake Erie between Toledo and Cleveland. Also, as I am new to this forum, is there a forum where I am able to post our past breeders name so that if she happens to see it or someone who knows her sees it, she could contact us. Thank you!

  • I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my first boy nearly 5 years ago and it I still miss him terribly.

    There are MANY excellent breeders in OH! I live near Cleveland myself and because I show my boys I've met many breeders in the area.

    Tim Huff - Victory Basenjis
    Sue Kite and Jeff Gillespie - Klassic Basenjis
    Becky Blansett - Epic Basenjis
    Dr. Tracy Leonard - Select Basenjis
    Laurie Owen - Spring Willow Basenjis

    I personally know all of them and trust that they could find you the best puppy. If your breeder showed her dogs I might have heard of her.

    My dogs came from Tad Brooks of Meisterhus and Jan Kahl of Jadaka. Tad is 5 hours from me in Louisville KY and Jan is in Missouri. It's not too bad a drive to Louisville.. I go every year for the dog show!
    Hope you find the best pup for you!

  • Thank you for your quick reply! I am new at this and just getting used to the site. Her is my beautiful boy during better days! 0_1478824829640_FB_IMG_1478824706944.jpg

  • Her name is Jan Bruner and she lived/lives on the east side of Cleveland. She has a facebook but it appears she is never on anymore nor does she check her messenger.

  • I saw Jan last year! She popped up at a dog show and held one of my dogs for me ring side. I owe her a lot.. I was probably supposed to get one of Leo's siblings from her (the timing would have been about right) but it didn't work out and she referred me to Tad. If Leo was one of the pups in that litter I probably held him at one point! I will be forever grateful to her. She was the first person to respond to my emails, I was a 16 year old kid who wanted a basenji more than anything and she took me seriously.
    You are right though, she no longer breeds or shows. She said she'd look me up when she got on FB again but I haven't heard from her.

    I think you will be happy with a puppy from anyone on the list I posted. I'm partial to Tad of Meisterhaus because all 3 of my dogs were from him. If you did decided to go with him you are welcome to meet my dogs. We will be at the Columbus and Cleveland dog shows. I know Sue of Klassic basenjis will have some litters this year for sure. We talked about them over the summer. She's in Marion, OH.

  • You just seriously made me cry! We had never owned a Basenji before Leo either however we did tons of research and fell in love. Jan also took a chance on us and gave us the best dog we have ever had! Leo actually picked us as we made a visit to see the pups. He jumped right up on my lap as the other pups ran wildly around the room ignoring us, lol. The litter was born December 26th 2003. I believe there were 3 pups when we went to visit. Jan brought Leo to us with his mom in tow to help him during his ride to our home. She also brought a blanket with him. He was buried with that same blanket. Im still friends with her on Facebook so if you do happen to run into her again please let her know Nicole Shinsky is trying to contact her. I wanted to let her know about Leo's passing. I will defintely contact Tad and a few of the others. We arent interested in showing, but we know the importance of a good breeder regardless.
    Thank you!

  • The litter I would have met would have been born in 2002 but I'm sure I got to meet some of his family members :). Jan's dog Inky was part of the litter I went to see.
    In my opinion, all responsible breeders show/work their dogs in some way. They are breeding to a standard to produce healthy dogs that will improve the breed. That being said, not all dogs are meant to be show dogs and they will have some available to pet homes :). My Elliot was 1 of 8 and only 3 (as far as I know) went to show homes. Morgan is one of 8 as well and only 2 are still being shown.

  • I remember meeting Inky, or at least that name sounds awfully familar! Leo wasnt "show" material either. We often joked he was our perfect clearance puppy, lol! I've already started contacting a couple breeders. I appreciate you responding to me as I was nervous to even post as I didnt know what to expect. 🙂

  • @nikolitak We got both of our Basenjis from Jan she is a wonderful breeder

  • @CrazySenji I had two of dogs that were siblings to Inky there names were Kenya and Tepiwhat a small world!!!!

  • I probably met them then! I even showed one of the boys from that litter. I don't remember his name though. It was at-least 12 years ago!
    I still have my emails from Jan. She answered every single question I had and was so supportive. I was crushed when there wasn't a puppy for me in that litter. Jan knew I wanted a show dog and was honest with me that the pups she had remaining were not show quality and I appreciated that. When you are a kid it's the worst news ever though! It all worked out in the end!
    I hope Jan shows up at the Cleveland show again this year. She's a special lady!

  • @MattB yes, she is! I just wish I could get ahold of her. We had her number years ago however when facebook became more popular we would keep in touch that way. It doesnt appear she has been on in a year or more. I appreciate that she gave us a chance with one of her babies!

  • @CrazySenji, I found Jan! And i was able to talk to her.

  • @nikolitak Tell her Matt and Jen say hello

  • @MattB I definitely will! She was sharing pictures with me, here is a pic of Inky in her bed.

  • @nikolitak Awww She is the sister to the two dogs we had

  • Aww ❤ What a sweet girl!

  • I am sorry for your loss.

    Check with the Basenji Breed Club referral page for breeders. Hopefully others here will have ideas who has puppies on the way or older ones needing homes.


  • @DebraDownSouth thank you! I actually found my Leo's breeder and she has another breeder she knows that she is referring me too! I hope it works out!

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