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A puppy should be at least eight weeks old and weaned before taking it to its new home

Hi Vanessa,

1- In general they are all weaned at 8 weeks

2- You answer the wrong question. I don't ask how old a puppy can leave the mother but what is the ideal age to do it.

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Everybody knows that 8 weeks is the minimum age puppies should leave for new homes.

But I read in a French website that it is not only the minimum age but also the best age because it is between 8 and 12 or 16 weeks (depending of the breed) after this period (12 or 16) their socializing's capacities go down….I hope you understand what I mean because english is not my native language.

I would like to know your opinion in general and of course specifically for the basenji.


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Hi! I'm seriously looking into buying a basenji.

Does anyone know of any basenji breeders in Denmark or Sweden, more preferably nearer to Copenhaguen, with a (soon) available puppy?

Thanks for any replies!

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