Anyone recommend a brand or type of booties for basenji's living in a colder climate?

  • yeah, I suppose. I was thinking about the sole, too. Hmmm โ€“ gonna' have to do some scrounging around and experimenting. I sew much better than I knit, so I temporarily shelved the thought of knitting or crocheting a sweater warmer than the one I bought. But I think I can figure out the booties, even if I have to modify the model a few times to keep them on her feet. Our Pippi has a much shorter and bristly (sp?) coat than our previous basenjis, and she is constantly shivering. They had no trouble adjusting from Miami weather to MN winters, but she seems so sensitive to cold already, and it's only October! She lived in Indiana before we adopted her, so it's not as if she's been basking in the tropical (African) sun all her life.
    Thanks for the leather suggestion -- I'll have to make a coat to match the booties, I suppose ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I found a Muttluk set on DrsFosterSmith ( for only $16.
    They seem to fit okay (I bought the XXS) but don't go up the leg very far; they do have a nice leather bottom and velcro fasteners. We'll see what happens when the snow comes.

  • Has anyone tried baby/children's booties or runners, etc. ? A girlfriend of mine uses them successfully and they are much cheaper. However, she does not have a basenji ๐Ÿ™‚

  • There are soles for slippers that you can buy. You can also buy soles with little rubber dots on them (like on the footies of baby pj's) and of course you can use a liquid rubber on the bottoms of the boots.

    here some links: (the liquid rubber stuff should be available at a hardwear store)

  • Hi,

    I can only reccoment a warm and waterproof coat specially designed for basenjis.
    Its available here:

  • Since we had a huge amount of snow fall on Saturday (two days prior it was 60?F) I tried out the Muttluk booties I had bought. They have a leather bottom with ridges and leather over the claw area then the rest is felt. They fit fine (XXS) but really had to be cinched well - since they don't go up the leg very far, the back ones had a tendency to slip off if not tightened sufficiently. Gossy didn't particularly like them while I was putting them on but once she started walking she was fine with them.

  • I'm glad the bootees are a success and that Gossy doesn't mind them.

  • In the pet stores here in Canada (some trainers have it as well) there is a cream that is like an invisible boot. Although our dogs don't like the snow, my main concern is the salt and what it does to their feet. Check with your local pet stores and see if they carry something similar. Basically you put this all natural cream on their paws and wipe them when they come back in.

  • I'm not sure booties are really necessary. I had Jake out in -10 C (14 F) weather for an hour on the weekend and he was totally fine.

  • on a regular basis, no, I don't think they're necessary either, and I've never used them for everyday use in my rural area. Pippi gets along in the snow banks just fine without them, and doesn't even mind the snow on her paws. But I'm in frigid MN where the city streets and roads are loaded with chemicals so we can get around in much colder weather. 14F is a balmy day for Dec-Jan. I don't use regular de-icer on my concrete, but she goes to Mpls/StP with us every weekend, and those roads and walkways are covered in de-icer that is not very animal friendly and I don't have the opportunity to wash it off her paws.

    I'm a little bogged down with sewing for the holidays and don't have time to work out a pattern for them, so I found a set that works OK for short periods of time, which is all I need. The real test will be our March weather. Thanks for replying!

  • 'Bag Balm' as a protectorent and a healer. just a thought.

  • I know that here at least, there are places that will make custom booties - the one I encountered was at a local Farmers Market. A friend bought some for her Sheltie and she paid about $70. Maybe your community has something similar?

  • I don't put booties on Gossy when she's just in the backyard. But when we go for walks, she needs them for the chemicals and salt they lay on the roads here.

  • As an alternative to Booties, you could try a paw wax. I haven't tried it but its been recommended to me before. Protects from the salt damaging the paws. Here is a link to a brand I have seen.

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