Where'd you get that martingale?!

  • Okay, there are two post that talk about some sites that sell Martingale collars, I know the one Mantis posted was by Nick, someone else posted about some others and I mentioned Mrs. Bones here in Virginia Beach.

    Well, Miss Zahra apparently does not care for her new collar so her and Chase chewed it almost apart tonight. I want to try someone who is a little cheaper than Mrs. Bones but still good quality.

    I am looking for girly designs! Pink, pink, pink!

    Tell me where you bought your collars.


  • Are Martingale collers safe? Since they are used to soften a choke is it wise to leave it on your B all the time?

  • Vanessa, have you seen the pics of them? They are very safe.

  • http://www.allhoundsapparel.com sells martingales and has a lifetime garuntee even if chewed. I would not leave a martingale on in the house though because the dogs will chew them. Get a flat buckle collar for in the house if you have them wear them all the time.

  • You can buy martingales at Petsmart in the collar section near the choke chains.

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