I want to leave the forum. Please help!

  • I am no longer interested in being apart of this forum. Does anyone know how to delete it. I feel bullied and ganged up on and i dont want to even be apart of this forum anymore. Can someone please help me delete everything? Or delete my account?

    thanks for the help

  • If you scroll to the bottom of the page, in the blue border, you will see "contact us", click on the link to leave a messsage for the list owner.

    I'm sorry you feel ganged up on, many people have very strong emotions about our breed. The issue of selling an intact female to someone who might use her for breeding in a puppy mill sends shivers through many people. But no one dislikes you or wants to run you off, they are just mainly concerned for your girl.
    I think most meant to point out that even a puppy can turn out to be a struggle, and not turn out the way you think! I raised 3 from the same litter years ago and they were raised together, treated and loved equally, and had VERY different personalities.

    For me, I have found adult rescues to be more readily 'molded' to my desires than a pup raised by me, who seemed to assume the world was his!

    I wish you luck, and hope that your girl finds a home that matches her, and won't be abused by someone wanting to make money from puppies.

  • o ok so that is the only way you can do it?

    and Yes i understand that about my female and i actually have found her a home with a women I know and I feel very good about placing her. I know she wont be in a puppy mill setting and I know she will be in a good home. I contacted her breeder and told her about it and she said sounds like a good home so we are both happy.

    And I also understand in your situation that an older girl might be better but it is just not the case. I have gotten 2 adults and it just wasnt right. so I am deciding to get a puppy as I know it will be better for me and my family.

    Thank you for being nice to be right before I get off. Its nice to know there are a few nice people who love basenjis. Patty was nice about it too. I was reading in the rules and it says no one is to bash people and if you have nothing nice to say dont say it. I was trying to be nice and defend myself but they all kept insisting i was stupid and whatever else and now i just want nothing more to do with this forum. I dont want to be involved with snobby people. I know some nice basenji people and ill continue to talk with them but im not going to deal with people that insult me when they dont ACTUALLY know my situation. I have been rescuing dogs for almost 3 years now and I know what its like to witness bad things with dogs. TRUST me (foreverfriendsrescue.webs.com) but i was just trying to find a good place for her (which i did) and I didnt want to spend any more money than i had to to do that (I am NOT a money hungry cow, or however else people said it) my first and most important priority is the safety and welfare for my animals and it has always been that way.

    anyways thanks for the kind departing words. I wish you the best of luck with you and your dogs also, along with this forum.

    Have a wonderful day!

  • If you want to have all of your content deleted by the admin, I'm not sure if that is an option.

  • o well thats ok. i dont really have to have that done. i just mainly dont want to be on here anymore.

  • Its a shame your not open to learning.
    You will find as you grow up, you have made some bad decisions.
    When they affect just you, then you can say, its on me..but when it affects critters who
    have no say, then its really something you will find hard to live with.
    Its up to you to learn to listen when you hear things folks who care, are trying to teach you.

  • I am open to learning and i listen to people, as long as they are kind with their words. I dont listen to one word when people say it rudely becausei dont deserve to be talked to that way. I have talked to a few breeders and they have told me things that i have listened to and i have learned from but they always said it in a kind and caring matter not –a your wrong and theres no way around it...and i know about hard things to live with. like i told Macpack i own a rescue and have had alot of things happen and i understand thigns dont always go as planned or as you wish. but if i have something to say to someone i dont say it rudely i say it with kindness and care. and i make them understand it and get it into their heart. not make them so mad that they dont want to hear anything I have to say and then have to resort to getting off a forum... that i THOUGHT was supposed to be a fun community full of fun loving basenji people....but i guess..what ever. I cant change how people are i can only be how I am

  • Ok. You feel you have been slammed. Its possible that is true. Its also possible that what we who post to you are reading is that you care more about $$ then the dog who you own or the future dogs you will get.
    I want to think that isn't true. I just do rescue. I talk to folks all the time to "want to have a litter for whatever xyz reason". I agree that you can't help teach someone if your mad. BUT I also agree that you have to have someone who WANTS to learn.
    I would love to help you learn if your willing. But my final concern is always the dogs who are in humans care.
    I am not going to say that its ok to sell an intact dog because you don't want to "put anymore $$ into it". If your responsible, you do the right thing.
    Maybe we can meet 1/2 way?

  • I am sure this will seem rude, but you really should read what you have already written before you make the claim that you only write with kindness and good intentions. The last post you made in the thread that has prompted you to request to leave you specifically prefaced with this is probably RUDE and MEAN. That doesn't sound like it was written with kindness nor good intentions.

    Telling someone something they don't want to hear is not attacking nor is it being mean or rude. What people on this forum have told you has not been said to be mean or rude but to be truthful and realistic. What they have told you has not been what you wanted to hear and rather than being open to what they have said, you have been accusing and closed to any other view than your own.

  • I dont think you can have all your posts deleted, that would take the administrators and awful long time. If you dont want to be here click "log out" and just dont come back, its not that difficult 😃 No one is forcing you to return here.

  • I think this womans post show clearly her intentions as well as the web site she has up.
    She is in it for the $$$ and that's it.
    We will be cleaning up her "litters" in the future. Sigh.

  • Houston

    I hope you are wrong Sharron, but think you might be right. 😞 big sigh!!

  • I really understand you want to leave the forum. Truly. You bought a dog from a breeder who should never have allowed you to have it on unlimited registration. You came here expecting cheers of joy that you intend to breed without any real knowledge, without a dog worthy of breeding, you told one tale the breeder basically called you a liar (well not basically, she did), you then decide to DUMP said dog without spaying her because money, not the dog, is your primary concern. You vaguely mention issues with your child, complain no TIME for training yet get caught in saying a NEW baby pup going to be here in a month. Oh yeah, I can see how this forum that wont say poor thing, no time to hold onto this dog for a MONTH when you will miraculously have much more time needed for an 8 week old.. sell that dog to the first highest buyer. Yep, I can see how this place isn't your cup of tea.

    I sincerely suggest you cancel the new puppy. Enroll in college, get a degree that will help you not have financial problems so you can take care of yourself and your child. Get out of dire finances where you wouldn't have to shirk responsible behavior by placing Marli unspayed because you desperately need money (we'll even forget you bought another dog while crying about money). Someday when you are more mature, hopefully you will print off all the pages of talks here trying to guide you and say "WOW, they were right. They weren't uppity, they were responsible and caring about the dogs."

    Maybe not. 20 is young, but sadly I find most people who can stick their heads in the sand up to their waist generally aren't a whole lot better at 30 or 40. I hope I am wrong.

  • Yes, DebraDownSouth.
    You hit it right on the $$$.
    Its tough when people think they can make $$ off of dogs instead of doing right by themselves education and finding something they can do for work.
    Course, we have some so called educated folks who think breeding is a $$ maker, and as they do no health testing, and sell to anyone, for them, maybe its true..sigh…

  • It is the rescuers who have to clean up the messes left by these breeders.

    Here are a couple of my own rescue Bs I have at home:

    1 young male tested probably affected for Fanconi-born just after the test came out-November 2007, also has some socialization problems and has a curved back which will probably cause him problems as he gets older, had undescended testicles and were way up in the abdomen area. BYB bred but bought by USDA breeder/dealer who got rid of him and many other male Bs.

    1 young male has esophagus and digestive problems-must eat level with his body as I put his food bowl on a coffee table for him to eat, takes Prilosec and Reglan, eats Prescription Intestinal Food, is blind in one eye from PPM and other eye problems, has dry eye-KCS in the other eye-takes Tacrolimus eye drops . Dam was bred by USDA breeder/dealer who has a cataract in one eye but thankfully will not need surgery. Breeder got out of the business.

    1 older male has an autoimmune disease of unknown origins-on Prednisone and Azathioprine, now is developing other complications. Dam was bred by one breeder and owned by another when he was born per AKC registration-Was owned by at least one USDA breeder, littermate was sold at a MO petstore. Born in January and the breeder was stuck with most of the litter due to them not being Christmas pups and at different times of the same year sold most of his relatives.

    I kept the older male as my own pet when rescued as a pup. The two young ones became my own pets once I learned of their health problems. Both were rescued as older pups.

    I am sure my situation is no different than other B rescuers.


  • Oh, heavens Jennifer..bless your heart..what an angel you are.
    Shame on these breeders…shame!

  • (((hugs to Jennifer))) Bless you. I am so tried of holding dogs to be euthanized because there are no homes, bad hips (Chows and Rotties, not basenji), unstable temperaments. I just have zero tolerance for byb/pm.

  • Jennifer - the stories of your rescues are heart-rending and I can certainly understand antipathy to BYB as they are called. Once again I have to say how much I admire all of you who work for rescue dogs.

  • It is our policy that user accounts and or posts will not be deleted. If you have privacy concerns please choose a different username from the one you'd normally use or try not to post anything. Please note that this is done to ensure the continuity of the forums.



  • Here we go again, how many times do we here the same story, how many times do people like Sharron have to pick up the pieces.

    Why is it when people are trying to give help and advice is it taken as bullying or abuse because it is probably not something they want to hear.

    Let's get something straight…............dogs eat...............dogs need health care..................dogs need time spent on them. This takes money and care doesn't it ? it's not rocket science that you have to put your hand in your pocket and pull out the cash !!!!

    If you can't afford them DON'T HAVE THEM !!!!!, or if you find yourself in a difficult situation take advice when it is offered to you. This applies to anyone and is not aimed at anyone personally.

    Rant over !!!!!!

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