Help with class project- Oregon

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    I'm working on a class project about cat colony caretakers and bird conservationists. Our class is surveying all 50 states and I am attempting to get in touch with cat colony caretakers in Oregon to have them do our survey because so far they are not represented in our project although I know that there is a strong community of them in Oregon. Over the past few months, I've tried most of the usual channels (Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon, shelters, vet offices, etc) but I haven't had any luck, so I thought I'd take a shot in the dark and see if any of our Oregon residents know of any cat colonies in their area.

    We are not taking sides in the issue, but we are hoping that what we learn from this research project will help to solve some of the conflicts between the two.

    If anyone in Oregon knows of any cat colonies (or people out of state knows of any in Oregon) I would really appreciate the help. I can also provide some more information about the survey and the project.


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