Help my sister out

My little sister is in the running for a yard makeover contest.

Please take the time to vote for Courtney on Rovene Dr.


Go Courtney! I see she is in the lead, I voted for her.

I voted also! Let us know if she wins!!

I voted also. Right now she has about a 5% lead over the other two but it is pretty close. I hope other people go and vote for her. Let us know if she wins. I would love to see the After photos if she does win.

Add me to the list…

me too! she's still in the lead!

Hope she wins, Go Courtney!!!!

I also voted for her. Hope she wins 🙂

I voted this morning - she's still in the lead (and I think her yard really deserves it :))

I voted for her too!

Wow, thanks guys!!!!
She really does deserve this. She is 25 and an RN who purchased her very first home just a 10 months ago. It took her and my dad (and the rest of the family) about 5 months to redo it. It was trashed by the people who lost it. She has put alot of hard work in this and it would be nice to see her win.
She is a basenji nut too, but has not adopeted one yet. She has 2 BRATs that are in the family and she does a great job of dogsitting. She just wants to make sure she has the time and lifestyle for a dog, because she knows that its for life.
I will let her know you all are helping out.
Thanks again
**you can vote everyday if you want:)

Basenji Mix

I voted voted for Courtney too! How many times can we go back and vote??? Any idea? I hit the VOTE button twice - don't know if it was counted twice.

I just voted… good luck!

I voted again, she is still in the lead!

I voted also. Courtney is ahead about about 5%. Good luck!


Hey Guys Walt Is In The Lead!!!! We Can't Let This Happen, Let's Help Christy's Sister Win This!!!!

Thanks guys! Walt has pulled ahead:(
If you would like to vote again, I (and my sis) would appreciate it.

If we all go and vote again, we should be able to close the gap. I just went and voted and already Walt's lead has shrunk from 8% last night to 4% this morning. Keep up the voting!

I just voted again and it looks like your sister is now ahead by a slim lead.


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