Wheat at Cannon beach Oregon

  • We are at Cannon beach for a week. Walking this morning we found a pink childs plastic basket with a white handle,
    I picked it up and was going to put it up where the waves couldn't get it. Wheat kept jumping up and trying to get the bucket. I thought she wanted to see if there was anything in it, nope, it was empty.
    I put it down and Wheat picked it up by the handle and carried it until we when back to the room.
    What a laugh it was to see this pup with this basket. 😃
    She is always a dog to bring a smile!

  • Don't tell me you didn't have a camera!

  • We didn't then, but if the weather will cooperate, I will try to get her holding/walking with it this evening or tomorrow. I also would like
    one to show she REALLY did this!

  • In my experience, with either horses or dogs, if they are doing something wonderful (or cute) and you bring out a camera, they immediately stop! 🙂

  • Did you all notice that when your Basenji does something naughty (not that carry the basket was naughty)… first we run for the camera, take the picture... then correct the Basenji???? What does that say about all of us? 😃

  • Pat you might be right..and the rain is blowing sideways, hitting the windows and the beach sand is blowing, so, no photos tonight. However, she does have a habit of p/u "something" be it a bird feather, or large leaf and acting like she is the queen of the parade! so I am hopeful we can get this photo. Course, I can take a pic of the pail she was caring, but that is so less than this story deserves.laugh…

  • Maybe she brought it back with her, hoping you would fill it up with treats!!!!!

  • I'm really looking forward to seeing more pictures of my favourite Miss Wheat. How feminnie to pick a pink bucket! Perhaps she could be trained a s a rescue dog carrying a bucket instead of a barrel!!!

  • Yea!!!!!!!!!! Hubby Lou got some photos of Wheat, in her pink collar, and with her pink bucket today. As we only have the laptop, he doens't have the cable to attach to send this, so it will have to wait until I get home.
    As least you will be able to see I wasn't telling a "story"..well, I was telling a story, but now I can back it up! Laugh.

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