How is the Oregon weather, Sharron?

  • And were your b's running free today on the beach? Hope you are all enjoying yourselves.


  • Fran, they are bunded under the covers. Its stormy here..sand blowing side ways and raining.
    Tues is suspose to be a sunny day, so they will probaby nest until then.
    Course, riding in the car is ok, with the heater on! laugh.
    Thanks for asking.

  • It was sunny and 70 degrees in Portland yesterday, I haven't been able to convince my dogs to come inside for 3 days. We took the pups, 14 month old and 13 week, old for a walk in the forest yesterday. Little Ono led the way the entire 4.6 miles along the Salmon River on Mt. Hood, this was her first outing and boy she is a firecracker! Brave too!

    But today it is back to overcast/rain showers 🙂

  • We just finished a long walk on the beach. the dogs had their fleece lined raincoats on, but no rain…the wind is still blowing, but not so hard to blow sand in the b's eyes.
    My husband does the long walk, about 4 miles on way, with the b's and I walk down and meet them and walk back.
    When the beach is not full of dogs, he lets the b's off leash, and they run down to meet me. We are so lucky to have a couple of weeks a year down at this paradise. The b's are sacked out on the bed, and I am typing to you all, while looking up to see the other folks walking their dogs down to the haystack.
    I hope you all have a wonderful sun.

  • You must be in Cannon Beach! That is one of my favorite towns on the Oregon Coast, lots to do and very dog friendly. Almost every store has a water bowl for dogs in front of their door. Enjoy! Dude is truly envious, Ono doesn't know what she is missing yet 🙂

  • Well, it sounds like you all are enjoying the great outdoors. I wonder if b's have a particular season that they prefer - spring, for example, is such a nice break after some of the colder weather, but then again with summer comes those nice hot days that b's love.

    It's been awhile since I was at the Oregon coast. So nice to hear that it is a really dog friendly place. Sharron, it sounds like you are right on the water. Ah, I envy that. Definitely when I get my b I will be doing a trip to some beach, somewhere, where it is not super busy.

    We spent the morning watching all the birds in our backyard - a definite sign of spring. Our cherry tree is full of blossoms, daffodils are up and we might get a non-rainy day here today. I've got some spring gardening I want to do, but I'm not sure if I'll find it warm enough today.

    Continue to enjoy your holiday - and yes, there sure are some great places in our world to be a part of.

  • Lucy and Fran, Yes, we stay at an old motel, the Ecola inn, right on the water. Very dog friendly. Wonderful views. check it out.
    They all, except for room 1 have full kitchens, and just steps to the beach.
    We love it so much, we book a year in advance.
    We are in room #9.
    so, if you want to see our place, check out the above site.
    also, the price is right the big hotel next door charges $250. a day…

  • LOL… I thought the name of the place was eBola Inn, and wondered why they would name a hotel that. Guess I am short a few marbles today. Sharron, it looks spectacular, and I can understand why you book it so far in advance. Of course, I have to ask you, is there a handicap unit? I didn't see anything on the web that mentions it - guess you have to call down and talk to them. This definitely looks like a place we would love to visit with a basenji.

  • Some of the downstairs units might work.
    9 has grab bars in the shower and by the toilet, but no removable
    shower wand or wheelchair access tub.
    I think a phone call would be in order.
    I tell you, any room has a wonderful view.

  • That place (and price) might be worth the drive across the country, I have long wanted to see the Oregon coast! But they say "1 small dog" …are they negotiable on that?
    I figure we could get there in 4 days!

    Enjoy your vacation, that looks like a wonderful place, even in a storm.

  • Thanks Sharon. If Darrel and I plan on staying somewhere for any length of time, he needs one of those roll-in style showers. We'll be fine without one for the August event, however.

    Hope your day was enjoyable. One thing I like about the Oregon coast is that it can be so enjoyable even when the weather is blustery. Have you tried flying a kite down there? We did, and had it up almost 1,000 feet. I wonder if your basenjis would get a good hoot out of kite flying.

    Have some fish and chips or clam chowder for me.

  • Gee, spelled your name wrong again, Sharron. Apologies!

  • Oh, I love the stormy weather times here.
    You snuggle down, watching the waves and read.

    re dog size at the Ecola inn, the owners have a standard poodle size dog.
    I think the behavior of the dog is more important than the size.

    The hard part about this place is getting a room! As I posted before, most of us book a year in advance. But the website does have some opening now.
    Its my idea of heaven, this Oregon coast area!

  • It's probably your dogs' version of heaven too. Lots of fresh air and tons of space to move around in. So glad you are all enjoying it. Keep us posted on your trip.

  • As much as the 2 b's love the beach, and they do! You should see them running between Lou and I, running full out, ears down, tails almost straight, going full out…wonderful.
    THEY love the sun they get down here. We live in a bunch of trees at home, so the sunlight isn't much...
    But here, we are on a corner unit, windows on 2 sides, and they follow the sun that flows into the room.
    Lou calls them heat slugs, but the are so much prettier than that!

  • Thanks a lot, Ms. Sharron…makes me homesick. I haven't seen the coast in almost a year. I just sold my house in Waldport. 😞

    But I can still make my way to Seal Rock on rare occasions.

  • I have never been to Sea Rock, but once I retire, I plan to travel this lovely coast and see all the lovely area's it has to offer.

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