Interested in getting a Basenji… maybe

  • So I have been doing some reading on the basenji breed. Some say they can't be left alone in the house and some say they can. I work days 9-5. I am able to go home for lunch. I guess this would be an issue with any dog breed. I'm on the fence about getting a pup. I wan't it to be a good experience for me and the pup also. Any advice?

  • Is this your first dog ever, or just first basenji? Mostly people want a pup to raise into their image of what they want in a dog…but it does not always happen that way! If this is your first dog, I suggest you think about a young adult, rescue or re-homed basenji. You will have a calmer dog, easier to take care of (think, hold bladder all day), possibly already house trained, and every bit as able to be molded into "your dog" as a puppy.

    Puppies, though adorable, are really hard work and can be very frustrating. An adult often 'gets it' with one correction and you get a dog that is very interactive but not so dependent as a pup. Already ready to jog, or hike, with you. Especially if you live alone, an adult is a good choice. Just something to think about.
    Ours are always out in the house during the day, but all are rescues gotten at 2 years of age. Again, mostly over that puppy chewing stage, happy to nap while you are at work. Most people crate youngsters, some crate adults whenever humans not at home, depends on the dog and lifestyle. A dog trained to their crate is not 'in jail' but just in a safe den of their own while you're gone.
    I love basenjis and have had at least one for the last 37 years. Every breed has it's unique challenges, if you want a loyally obedient dog like a German Shepherd, this may not be the best bet. If you love a bright interactive dog, able to outsmart you occasionally, and you know they must be kept on leash when walking, etc. a basenji is a great companion. Try and meet some, if there are any near you.
    Good luck, you are doing your homework and will find a nice dog, I'm sure.

  • There are some breeders out your end of the Country that could probably help you out. Cheryl Myers Eggerton is a Judge and also a breeder, she is in Minto NB and has Connamore B's, Simone Guadet (Beaubri) is on PEI, Valerie Rodger (Miloki) is in Beaver Bank NS.

    I have two that I can leave out without issues, and two go in the crate when I am not home. It is all dependant on the dog. But, like Anne states, puppies are a lot of work and sometimes the older dogs, young adults and retired show dogs are the better ones to start with.

    You can find all of the above on the Basenji Club of Canada website under breeders. At least with Val, you could probably visit her since she is in NS directly.

    Let us know how it goes,

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