Rescue and the art of writing…

  • My wife, Sherri, loves to read the adoption reports on pet sites. Now that we have a Basenji she often checks up on the BRAT site.

    She noticed this report of a Basenji in Canada. I read it and something really struck me: the writing…

    The foster parent in this case really did a nice job of painting the picture of this dog's situation. The author weaves in the good, the bad and the ugly in such a nice way. Once you begin reading this report you cant stop until you finish it.

    When selling anything on line its the wording (and photos) that motivates the buyer. In this case I bet readers will immediately identify with this dog. Its like a good short story, you want a happy ending.

    Hopefully "Camo" will find a nice home soon.

    If any of you do need to create text for dog adoptions I urge you to read this and see how it can be done...

  • That is a wonderful write-up! It gives you such a good picture of all of his characteristics. He is sure to get a good home because there will be no 'surprises' for the new owners.

  • You are right, what an excellent write-up. All the fun things lead you right in and you love Camo before you read the 'bad' stuff. Perfect! He sounds like a great dog and the writer makes his issues seem very manageable.

  • AWWW makes me want to bring him home.

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