Problems that we must be able fix . . .

Congratulations on your new Boy, Rocky. He looks great.
Sorry you are having some problems, i agree with what others have posted that you will have to go back to square 1 with house training.

I would think it may take as much as a few weeks for a re-homed adult B to get settled, in regards to these types of issues, although I could be wrong.

It took my B about a week or two to finally get the routine down. He was only 8 months when I got him, but he was clearly housebroken prior. The new environment was a bit of a stirrup for him and I needed to start with the basics. I would only imagine this is the same frustration with Rocky. He just needs some guidance to get settled in to his new home. 🙂

Just make sure you use a good solution w/ enzymes that can break down the odor when cleaning up. Doing that and sticking to a routine should help make this go by much quicker.

How long have you had him?


How long have you had him?

We've had him only a few days, but he's lifted his leg to mark a new spot a few times everyday and it hasn't slowed down. Everyone seems to be saying to take it slow, but it's not easy!!

We had two B's for almost 10 years and never had this problem. I just hope we didn't rush inot this too quickly, thanks for all the feedback.

Jerry and Dana in KC

It does take time. Good advice given here. Try to catch him in the act, and yell loud enough to startle him, but not to scare the h$ll out of him. And take him outside. Make it clear to him that is NOT the place to do it, without making him feel defensive. I am sure he is overwhelmed and confused.

Take it as a compliment 🙂 He is saying I really like this place, and I would like to mark it as mine. Once the dog settles in, they usually stop trying to send the "mine" message. Also, if he was recently neutered, this IS the time of year that Basenjis go into "rut". We just had our first leg lifting in the house in YEARS, because our young male has been struck by breeding season. Our old male lifted his leg once when we moved into the house, and never did again.

Are you using something like Natures Miracle to spay on the area's he has alread peed?
This does work.
Keep him with you, take him out often and after wake up and meals and praise when he goes outside.
He will get it…

A cheaper alternative is to spray white vinegar on the 'smelly' spots. Its usually very effective.

I'm sure it's worth your perseverance and patience in the matter of going indoors. Please, please don't give up on him - as advised treat his house training as though he were a puppy.

Previously he may have been punished in some way for peeing/pooing indoors (even screaming at him could have been a punishment - not necessarily physical). There could be a lot to contand with.

**Jerry & Dana,

Don't be to hard on yourselves or Rocky.

This is a new situation for all of you and just think how many changes Rocky's been thru. You folks have eachother, but Rocky's in a totally new environment where he doesn't know a soul yet.

Heck, put me in that situation and I'd pee in your corner too. :p

Positive reinforcement and praise will get you there much faster than scoldings. There's a time to be firm, but till he gets more comfortable, he needs reassurance.

Your doing a good job, your still realing over your loss and startin over with a new boy all at the same time.

Hang in there…'ll be glad you did. :D**

It is wonderful that you took a rescue into your family. Thanks so much. Here are a few things I have heard people try over the years.

1. Keep him on a long leash (like 8-10 ft) tied to you or another responsible person when he is in the house. That way you can begin to identify clues when he is getting ready to mark and put him outside. Continue until the problem stops because he has learned what you want and wants to be off the leash.

If he was just recently neutered, it might be residual hormones behind this. So a few weeks might help.

I have heard people say a new dog in the house needs a room that is his. A place filled with his scent and no other animals. Helps he build confidence. I don;t know if this is true but when you are desperate, anything is worth trying.

There are underpants for bitches in heat (place for tail to come out). Some people have tried this when males piss inside as they absolutely hate it when they get in on themselves. The male dog wears them for a week after the last time it looks like he is going to raise his leg … Then if it reccurs, they go back on again (only when in the house obviously). Again I have not had this problem, but the panties did stay on an older bitch I had who was becoming incontinent. I thought she would bite them off but the ones I got were really well made.

Keep us posted on his progress. A loving basenji is worth a few cleanups!

sorry for your lost, but they say when one door closes another opens,this you save another 2 cent is we still have a 8 month old,and two labs which are of course house broken but getting a puppy… only thing i can say is be observant,tricks learned from here helped us out, we still keep a pee pad down, only once in a blue moon does she use it,shes learn to go when the other dogs go out , but if she been running around the house or rough housing with the others out she goes, learned that when she stops its time

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