Lucky and her crate –--- problem...

  • I have had lucky for 2 days now and she has a good relationship with her crate when it is both open and closed. However, this is only when someone is near. As soon as me or my sister leave, she starts making lots of noise and trying to get out. Any suggestions?

  • Give her time! Some basenjis take months to get used to the being in a kennel in a new home. I would email her breeder as she probably knows her best and can give you better advice for this particular puppy.

  • I agree, talk to the breeder. And some very get used to their crates….

  • Perfectly normal. It takes time for a pack animal to get used to being alone. If you want her to give up making noises and trying to escape, don't make the mistake of "rescuing" her when she is making a fuss. Initially, as soon as she is quiet, go back and take her out. Rinse, repeat. Increase the time alone gradually, and make sure she has some playthings or food to amuse her. Hopefully she will grow to tolerate the situation.

  • thanks so much everyone!

  • Build her confidence by leaving her alone in the room (not in the crate) for a minute, then 2, 3 etc.
    You can also just open and close the living room door repeatedly at short interavals, and the front door, but staying with her.
    All this to break the association CRATE = ALONE = BAD

  • I would do that but the rooms in my house that she is staying in are archways and only the bedrooms and bathrooms have doors. However, she likes her create! that's whats confusing. She will go in, lay down, sleep, chew a bone, and sometimes when we leave she is quite. Its only at night when we let her out for her last potty break at 12:30 and in the morning for her first at 5:00

  • Kaiser did moaning mostly and some wailing as a puppy at bedtime for the first two days and then just a few minutes of moaning but was surprising good within a week, just make sure you have something warm in the crate, snugglesafe, covered hotwater bottle, pet electric blanket just make sure it's safe, put a blanket over her. It may just be coming out of a warm place and going back to a cold one and doing a moan about it. Even now if we go out Kaiser sometimes has a bit of a moan to say hey I want to come, but I have video of him and he hears the car go and just goes to sleep. Maybe she is doing the same, while she can hear you she does it and then settles when alone, are you able to video her to see what she does and then you can relax and ignore her knowing she is doing the normal thing and not going crazy and hurting herself. Good luck.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Crates for bedtime should be in the same room you sleep in… especially with a puppy... if you are rooms away, how would you have any idea that he/she is having a problem? And if you are home, the pup should be with you... and you should be watching him/her.... every minute... the crate is not for your pleasure, so you can do other things... .... or you are bored with watching them every minute.. Certainly if you have to crate when you are out of the house.. that is one thing... but if you are home, they are totally tuned into you being there. If they fall asleep as puppies will do, you can pick them up and put them in the crate... just leave the door open.. and go about your business... but check on the very often.... I have raised many a litter that they are in our family room crashed out or on the back porch for hours sleeping... I can get stuff done while they sleep.. but I keep the eagle eye on them all the time..

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