Water Pups

C-Me and Franie challenge the sprinklers



C-Me and Franie challenge the sprinklers

Youngsters are funny with water especially if it's a sprinkler or gutter. When it was raining hard and the street gutters were gushing and were fast moving Buddy would chase the flow. Saturday I was watering the back and the water was creeping along like a river and he just looked and was real curious like it was alive. 😃

Now C-me will be able to clean off the mud herself!!!


Now C-me will be able to clean off the mud herself!!!

Exactly ….. of course I don't think I could have waited for the sprinklers to cycle every three days for the mud to come off....:D

Good grief, how did you manage to get them to do that.

Cooper melts in water !!!!! We had a heavy thunderstorm here yesterday and he did a very good impression of a red and white hairy boulder. He must have a very large bladder that's all I can say !!!!!!!

ahhh what a great picture 🙂

Sprinklers are always high fun for a lot of Basenji's!
(only our Buana will run away as fast as he can looking so angry haha)

My goodness all that interest in water. Chief is not as bad as zoey (she wont even walk on the dewy grass in the morning the only thing she will get wet is her tongue) He has even stood in a little water without freaking out.

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