So proud of Tadgh!

Not only did my Tadgh manage to 'come' at our first agility lesson yesterday and went over the poles and not chase bunnies or go play with the other dogs.. but it got better as the weekend went on. Today he was in great form and at a local All Breeds Open Show in Devon - he went all the way to BIS 🙂 At only 13 months I'm delighted at how well he showed himself.
Thank you too to Benkura who had lent me a show lead of hers to try out - if you think I'm giving it back…..

Huge congrats to you and Tadgh. You're more than welcome to keep the lead. I think it might be lucky - I'm sure Trouper was wearing it when he won his CC 🙂

Congrats on a great weekend.

Congrats on a great result!

Again congratualtions to you and Taigh. What a very good win!

Congratulations on your BIS win! Good luck with the agility too, it sounds like fun.

Thank you for all your good wishes. I still can't quite believe it myself. Tadgh had done well in breed in Sydney, but never got out of Group so I was not expecting anything, and as hounds were the last Group to finish we went straight on to do BIS, so fortunately I didn't get a chance to get nervous and ruin everything.

It certainly was a day I'll treasure - and can't wait till I get to see to the 'posh' photos - although I'll be wishing why I hadn't bothered to do my hair and make-up that day!

Congratulations to Jane and Tadgh on your BIS. Also very well done with the agility.

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