Coupon for free bad of Natura Product
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I don't think I saw this posted?

We know that Natura was recently purchased by Procter & Gamble. They're still trying to court the goodwill of their customers and earn new ones, though. Here's a coupon for a free bag of Innova, EVO, California Natural, etc. Just have to fill out some info and they'll mail you a coupon to be redeemed at one of your local retailers.

ETA: I wanted to edit my typo in the subject line, but apparently cannot do so… I wonder if that was some kind of psychological slip indicating how I really feel about P&G-owned products?? nervous chuckle

Thanks! I still mix a little Innova with Orijen, my food store manager says that P&G are still using the same ingredients, so they will carry it until that changes. $7 is a great coupon!

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Yeah, I signed up for a coupon too. I've never actually fed any of their brands before, but as someone else pointed out, it would take a while for formula changes to take effect, if indeed that is going to happen. So until then, you can't really beat the price.

And if nothing else, kibble can be used as training treats. 😉

I have been extremely pleased with their products. I have fed my last two Fanconi affecteds the Evo Red Meat Small Bites. Missy has done well on it and she will be 12 in December.

I have noticed that they have a lot of new formulas. Has anyone tried the California Natural Grain Free foods?


Hi Everyone sells the Natura products at a wholesale cost. I beleive they will even accept the coupons. They ship to all 50 states and unless you are in VA - I don't think you are charged sales tax. I have been using them since they went online and can't be happier.

I just signed up for a coupon and it went through. So apparently "supplies are still lasting". 🙂

Kewl, I just tried and still working!


Very cool I just got one as well. Thanks for the info.

I have received mine. It's specific to the store I picked when I signed up. I got it a while ago and lost it. :| Just found it again tonight. Expires 12/09/2010 though. Might want to make sure about the expiry date on y'alls. Don't throw away free money. 🙂

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I traded mine in a while ago for Evo small red bites – $16.99 at the store I picked it up from! So definitely worth it. Bowpi had some great poop while on that bag, which makes me think she does well with red meat-based kibble, whereas my other dog does better with fish-based kibble.

I don't think we'll be going back to it though...

just sent for mine - thanks! little miss is getting very picky, so we'll see how she like one of these products.

I got Evo small red bites too, M.C. It was 14.99 where I am. I was out of dog food and on the short end of my pay check. Now I can eat too. LOL Great offer.

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