Proctor & Gamble Purchases Natura
First Basenji's

Well heck…I wonder how that has affected their food so far. I'm guessing this aquisition was in the makings for at least a year and wonder if P&G staffers have already turned over a product for Natura.

I did notice that with the last batch of Evo - Red meat, they had placed a sticker label over the ingredient section, which made me think that there was a change in their formula. Our B had a problem going through this last bag and would sometimes not eat his food. We struck this up to perhaps his food going bad. for thought and good to know. 😕

I'm peeved because now we have to find another option. It took Kairoe, two months to get on track with Evo. :mad:

Thanks for the post.

I rotate foods. Evo is one that I have in my rotation though I will probably think twice about picking up a new bag of it.

You may want to try Orijen, Instinct or Taste of the Wild as alternatives to Evo.

I have also been rotating, but had not added EVO to the mix, guess I will not…. While I order mostly on line, I am not as limited as to what is sold in stores, at least not all the time.

What DOESN'T Proctor and Gamble own? I hate hearing about product takeovers because you can pretty well be assured that quality goes down.

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