Ms Wheat, from Africa to the US

  • Check out Zamba Wheats, aka Miss Wheats trip from Africa to the US.
    Wonderful site

    I have finished the travelog for our Congo trip. There are approximately 250 photos. Enjoy!

    Goto and click on Congo Trip 2010 link.

    James E Johannes

  • Very interesting "dog-umentary" trip! Wonderful that you got to see everything, and found some good dogs - they do look different from ours - tails not as curly or necessarily white-tipped, and some of their ears set lower - Thanks for posting all this.

  • Hehehe dog-umentary…love that..
    Yes, its going to be important to see if they will be accepted into the BCOA breeders book.
    We have done a lot of the required testing already, so when they are of age, we will be able to submit everything needed to qualify.
    I do have to tell you, the temperments on these dogs are just so "soft"...really quite wonderful....
    I am excited to see what they bring back next year a trip that isn't on the website and the year after. This might make a great big difference to the health of the b's in the least, we are trying to make a difference.

  • Went to Dibu Basenjis website… They sure are adorable as puppies. Is there anything that needs to be done differently when raising them?

  • Nope, except know that they are all very food modivated and so, keeping them
    sperated during meals is important.
    They are very smart, sweet dogs, and are extremely attached to the human in the house. They are also very dog savy, trying to make friends with any new dog they meet.
    They are really quite wonderful little critters.

  • I've already viewed these on the web page and am so enamoured. I love the pictures and would love to get on a trip but unfortunately it's too late for me now (age wise, I mean).

    These newer imports have a distinct advantage over the original ones as they are with people who know Basenjis. Some of the original and their descendants were criticised for temperament but in my opinion this was purely due to the fact that the early importers initially treated them as they would any other dog. Purely through lack of the experience that we now have.

    As for differences - not exactly so much different, as we now have developed the breed with selection. Some 5years or so ago, we took two of ours (Spring and Gbala) to visit with Michaela Dennis (who younger members may not have heard of) who had Basenjis in the Congo in the 50s and before. She said that ours were exactly like those she had in the Congo at that time!

  • Patty, that is very neat, that you were able to do that!
    I am also getting to where a trip like this would not be something I could do, but I sure
    do bless the hearts of those who do this trip. Its not easy, the shot list alone would make you cringe…they have to get RABIES shots...yes the humans do....
    Many shots, many hardships, and an adventure of a lifetime...

  • Miss Wheat is certainly adorable - her colouring is very special - so soft looking. What a little princess! Can't wait to see her! 🙂

  • She is very sweet natured…I hope you enjoy her as much as I do! See you soon.

  • James attends the puppy classes Shaun is in. He has a very sweet African Basenji with great color…

  • Seattle Max, they think this is my Ms Wheats litter mate…
    Glad you got to meet James..he is a great guy...

  • I do hope that you give Miss What an extra cuddle from her fans on the forum. These new Africans are such special little Basenjis.

  • They are special..I am hopeful they can help the breed, but if they aren't accepted, they will be very well loved by us humans who have fallen under their spell…
    Thanks for your post.

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