Floyd: Related to GA Pups?

Hi, all:

This was forwarded to me by email. I just read through the thread about the Georgia pups that have been recovering from Parvo. Perhaps this little guy is related to them? He's in a foster and could use a forever home.



According to Erika, Floyd was found the same day and within 2 hours of the other 6 pups but in a different area. Since he is about the same age as the other pups there is a strong possibility that he may be related to the other pups and from the same owner. Floyd is in a different foster home than the 6 and will be rehomed by BRAT.

Thank you, Ms. Robyn. I dearly hope he does not have to fight what the others did. Perhaps the "breeder" will own up (yeah, right) or just stop breeding. I know, but one can always hope, can't she?

Floyd is adorable. Let's send out the right message into the cosmos so he will be adopted by a loving family.

Yes, lets all hope he falls into loving hands.

Well, he is in a Basenji rescue so he stands a pretty good chance.

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