• One afternoon, I received a call from our vet. She said that a Basenji puppy had been found in tupperware box left in a field. He was put in the box with a littermate who had died. I left right away to go meet the little guy. When I arrived at the vet's he was getting a bath, so he was not to happy with the situation. I got to work picking off ticks. He was a mess. So skinny, terrible coat, nicks, bumps, scratches…. and of course the runny behind. The vet thought the diarreah would slow down with a normal diet. So at the time I wasn't overly concerned. Turned out he was LOADED with Coccydia parasites. His growth was stunted and we started a year long journey to stabilize his Inflammatory Bowel Disease brought on by the early trauma of his life.
    For 3 months he slept swaddled in sheets, three loads of laundry were done a day to keep up with the leaking behind. I followed him with my bottle of Resolve carpet cleaner, Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, and aerosol sprays. My husband and I both lost over 15 pounds each, you just couldn't eat with the odor. We had faith that he would get better and HE DID!
    We switched vets, and got Echo on a regime of Prednisone, Sulfasalizine, and Ultra-Allergy Free Science Diet dog food. It was a Miracle. As weeks passed he went from having zero anal control and a tail that hung down to fewer & fewer accidents and a slowly curling tail. As months went by, the meds were lowered, the tail got higher & curlier and potty time became normal.
    I am writing this now, because 3 days ago Echo got into the dog food cabinet and had a little to much fun. By that evening he was bloated, stinky, & poopy. We increased his meds, swaddled him in sheets again, and got back out the Resolve & Lysol. He was back to normal in two days. It was a reminder of the earlier days!
    How anyone can do what they did to Echo, I will never understand. But we have been given, we have been blessed, with this wonderful, quirky little guy who makes us laugh everyday. We call him "His Royal Highness Stinky Poopiness", a sense of humor will get you through most anything!
    The photo attached is his before & after.


  • Well you have a great doggie there, you are lucky to have found one another!!!

  • oh my goodness, the poor thing! i am so glad he gets to be house dog with you guys! thanks for sharing your story.

  • How can people do such a thing :eek:
    Not a good start in life for this georgeous boy, but you where there, thank you so much for all what you did for him!

  • What a beautiful boy your Echo is! How lucky he is to have found you! "His Royal Highness Stinky Poopiness" - heehee! That cracks me up - kudos to you and your husband for your amazing care of Echo!

  • Welcome Kingmonty. How sorry I am for Echo's life beginnings. Thankfully for you and your husband, his life will be good and what he deserves with lots of love. You'll get lots of info in these threads. Enjoy!

  • I want to go and beat up those bad people who abused and neglected him and left him in the tupperware box. Let's go stick them in a tupperware box in the middle of a field with no food or water for even several days and see how they like it!!!!:mad:

  • What a wonderful story with a happy ending! You are truly amazing to do that for HRHSP! (hee hee) I love the term "forever home" and it sounds like he has found his…he looks healthy, happy and content. Please keep us updated on how he does...and more pictures, please!

  • People can be so cruel. Congratulations to you both for finding each other. 🙂

  • Kingmonty-thanks for sharing Echo's story. It's an unfortunate reminder of the cruelty that exists towards nature's little creatures. I for one truly believe that this kind of cruelty will come back to those who leave these little ones in harm & complete disregard for their life.

    It makes me so angry to witness such a blatant disrespect for an animal's life. It may not be a human life but it is a life nonetheless.

    Thanks to people like you we can see how kindness & caring will one day win over all the abusive people in this world.

  • yeah honestly I think we put too much value on human life and elevate ourselves to godhood. It is not our place to kill off creatures of the earth or harm them! I'm just sick of people saying how much more important a human life is to a species of animal.

  • <>
    People who treat animals that way rarely have any respect for human life either.
    I am so glad Echo found his way to you, Kingmonty!

  • What a sad story, but yet with a HAPPY ending. Thanks to people like yourself who care and love about the smallest of creatures!!!

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