• Hi Everyone;
    So glad I found this forum. I use to belong to a basenji list in Minnesota, but that was 10 years ago. We are now in Texas. My husband and I have two Basenji's that allow us to act like we are parents to them. They are both 12 plus years old. Male red and white, female black and white. They have both been together since they were pups. They were from different breeders and are two weeks apart. We call them salt and pepper, that is what they are like, inseparable!
    We have had other breeds but none can take the place of a Basenji! what an incredible breed. Having shared their lives for over 12 years, we have many wonderful and humorous stories. It is good to be part of this forum.
    Love My B's

  • Welcome to the forum! Post some pics if you would.

  • Welcome, can I ask where you got your b's from? Some of us find out we are related by dogs, so its always nice to know….

  • Welcome, welcome. Glad you have found us. This is a wonderful forum for "all things basenji". Do you have any pictures to share with us?

  • Welcome to the forum from the UK. You sound like dedicated Basenjiites!!

  • Hi Sharon;
    sorry this has taken me so long to get back, I am a home health caregiver and work 12 hour shifts so time schedules are often tight. This forum is one of my pleasurable moments.

    Anyway….to answer your question, we got our Basenji's from
    a breeder in Buffalo Minnesota (female) and Minneapolis Minnesota (male). Sorry, don't remember the breeders names.

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