• We were training for a dogshow, and during all our training-sessions she did just fine but at the actual day of the show she decided to act like a complete clown, typical…

    This is from one of her better days:

    We also decided to give lure coursing a shot and she absolutely loves it, I have to make sure to let her try it out again.

    The other day she was also stung by a bee, but she didn't seem to mind at all and acted as if nothing had happened, while I was naturally panicing. Luckily it didn't cause any real trouble… this time.

  • She's a very sleek and pretty young lady! I love the look on her face while chasing the lure - so much concentration.

  • @Kipawa:

    She's a very sleek and pretty young lady! I love the look on her face while chasing the lure - so much concentration.

    I added a second picture where she looks even more concentrated 😃

  • That's an excellent one, too! What kind of 'clowning around' was she doing at her first show?

  • She decided that the carpet was way more interesting than walking around, so the judge couldn't really get a real feel of how she moved. All other dogs did one lap around the ring, while the judge asked us to do it four times, and Nicole still didn't really want to follow at all. It was a little embarassing to say the least 😃

    We got a pretty good verdict though:

    "Beautiful lines. Slightly narrow head. Great expression, fairly big ears. Good neck, equal transient angulations (google translate here). Great top-line, tail and behind. Smooth movement from all sides when she decides to move in a calm fashion. Great color and coat."

    The competition was pretty hard since there were 30 other basenji puppy girls competing with her (Basenji owners in Finland are extremely active compared to most other breeds). Better luck next time I guess.

  • B e a u t i f u l!!! pics are awesome.

  • Houston

    She is lovely for sure..Thank you so much for sharing..
    Better luck with the show next time.

  • First Basenji's

    Can't help giggling a little at the bee-stung picture, though I understand your worry. Her eyes and ears are alert and indicate little or no concern though, so I don't feel as guilty for finding it amusing.

    Pretty girl.

  • Heh, I know I shouldn't laugh, but that bee-sting picture looks like she is sucking on a jawbreaker or something!

  • Nice pictures - she is a beautiful little girl. Poor baby didn't seem to mind her swollen bee sting - did look funny though - sorry for the giggle.:D

  • She is a pretty girl… but then again, I am a bit swayed in my opinion since I was part owner in her Daddy's Mom (Ch. Stallian-Tanza Tri The Obvious, aka Paris) and I have a just turned 6 month old Bitch from Paris's December 2009 litter. Some of her pictures are posted on this thread


  • Gorgeous girl! Very nice pics 🙂

  • What a pretty girl. I always admire the lure coursing - mine have never been willing to give it a try - they look at the lure and say "But that's dead" .

    Poor girl with her bee sting - I hope the swelling goes down soon.

  • oh what a cute baby! She is precious!

  • That last pic makes her look like she's enjoying a wad of Redman Chew! LOL!

  • In Helsinki there's an isle just for dogs, and Nicole loves it!

    Have you guys seen a swimming Basenji before? 🙂

  • I took Tucker out in the ocean at Rehobeth Beach in MD once and he didn't like it too much. But then if I get him around a shallow creek or something and I can't keep him out of it. He still hates the rain and wet grass, though…

    He also likes to attack rushing water. We have an overflow pond near our house and the creek feeding it gets a good flow after a rain. Tucker charges the rushing water and tries to bite it. He's also done it after a quick hard rain in my condo community, when the water rushes through the gutters.

  • Houston

    Great pictures..

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