Some Pics from the BCONC Puppy Match

June 6, 2010 - All 3 won their class at the puppy match





Congrats Pat! Loved seeing yours last Sunday!

Good looking pups! Love Franie & Trip's beautiful red coats and C-Me is a real looker! LOVE that face!

Gorgeous looking pups! Congrats on their great results!

Congratulations on your wins! Love the face on the tri; and the r/w's are gorgeous, their coats are so shiny.

I was just thrilled that all 3 were so well behaved and showed well AND had fun! I don't do much before the show practice, wears them out, I think…. so things like the match is a big practice ring!

Lovely babies all!


Great wins..congrats. They all look so stunning, the reds are a beautful rich red..I "heart" that rich color….

Wonderful results - well done!

Great results, i love the pic of Trip striding out.

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