Best Puppy in Show

Maya was awarded Best Puppy in Show yesterday at a very popular open show! We had basenji classes scheduled which is pretty uncommon!! And she was awarded BP and BOB so as well as getting the puppy group and BPIS she also got Hound group 4 in a very large group of some very nice adult dogs, so we were very pleased with that. It was her first time properly indoors really so im pleased that she showed so well :rolleyes:

Here's a video of the BPIS judging. Sorry for the quality…

View My Video

Congrats on the results!

I can't open the movie.. 😞


Congrats on the results!

I can't open the movie.. 😞

Dont worry, you aren't missing much, it really is terrible quality :rolleyes:

Thank you both 😃

Congratulations Jess and Maya!

Way to go. Congratulations.

Rita Jean

Way to go, congrats!!!!


Awesome, Congrats to both of you.

Great result! You must be very proud of your little girl!

Way to go, Maya and Jess!! Congrats!

Fantastic result Jess, well done Maya:D

Well done ladies. Keep up the good work!

Wow…you are on a roll! Congrats...again!

Brilliant results Jess, congratulations to you and Maya 🙂

Well done - great result!


congrats !!!! nice to see the movie too 🙂

Congrats Jess, way to go Maya!

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