WWII-era Bomber Aircraft from Backyard

I was playing with Cosmo in the backyard when I heard a plane above – but the sound was quite distinct...

I ran to get the camera with about 5 seconds to get these pics from the backyard... 😃

The Wings of Freedom Tour 2010 is at Moffett Airfield this week…

This plane, I believe, is on its way back to Moffett... The folks who signed up for these short flight tours paid about $400.00 each... :eek: (and if I had the money, I would have signed up, too!!!:D)


What great pics, you did well to capture them.

cool pic, not many of those old birds flying

I used to play golf at Sunnyvale Municipal Golf Course across the freeway from Moffett Field and those planes would fly really low right over the course when they come in for landings.

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