• I'm not too familiar with the details of what a Backyard Breeder is, other than it's a less than reputable individual breeding puppies for money rather than the integrity of the breed.

    That being said… A friend of mine has 3 Dachshunds, and her female and the stud have had two litters. All of the puppies (but one they recently kept) were sold. Even more recently, she bred her stud with her neighbors Dachshund and so the neighbors liter was born about 2 months ago.

    The neighbor is selling her puppies as AKC Dachshunds when I have a pretty good feeling that the parents (her female, and my friend's stud) are not registered as AKC dogs. To make matters worse, it is VERY unlikely that the puppies have ever seen a vet, or will be seen before they are sold.

    I worry that puppies because are not being cared for as they should be in a house with a 2 year old and 6 month old. Their home is very unclean, and they have a very limited income which leads me to believe that they are only having puppies for the money.

    What in the world do I, or can I do? It's not really my business I suppose, but I just feel for the puppies knowing that they are being taken advantage of. The females are being sold at an additional charge for breeding rights, but these people do not come across as "real bright" to me, so I just have my doubts that this is being done legitimately.

    I realize this is off topic, and I apologize for the ramblings, but I just don't think I can sleep right knowing what they're doing 😞

  • Sounds like backyard breeding to me….

    Not sure how much you can do about it unless the dogs are living in really bad conditions.

    You can try and educate your friend and his neighbor. You can tell them about the risks in breeding a litter, especially with no health testing or good vet care. You can give them the ASPCA statistics that talk about how many unwanted pets die in shelters each year.

    You can tell them about what can happen when a litter is affected by some genetic disease that could have been tested for...

    I am just not sure how much if any of this is going to change their minds 😞

  • Honestly, unless animal control stepped in if the puppies were not properly cared for, not much you can do.

    I don't know what the laws are in your state, but if they are selling puppies and not reporting that income and paying the state sales tax, you could report them, I suppose. That would bring the "tax collector" down on them.

  • I would try to educate them. I would also do as Pat suggested, make an anonymous call to the state and fed tax reporting numbers and let them know. Best bet is to also call the local Dachshund club with a heads up… they may be able to educate them better without them knowing you were involved and warn about false advertising etc.

    Your state isn't listed in this Puppy Lemon Law list, but I have no idea how old it is: http://www.lemonlawact.com/what-exactly-is-lemon-law/what-is-puppy-lemon-law-320.htm

    This from aspca is probably current

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