African's lure couring..

Last weekend the Evergreen Basenji Club had lure practice. I have added pictures of our Congo imports after the lure.


and scroll down… some African's shown stacking.

There are other folks who can talk about structure and such, but I have to tell you the temperments of these dogs are beyond wonderful…such sweet, loving critters.
Lovely to live with is the word for these lovely dogs.

Sharron, are the temperments much different than the basenjis we know and love? I know each dog will be different, based on the parentage and how the owner works with their b, but looking at all the Africans that were brought back, would you say there is a difference in termperments?

Fran, I am not an expert, we might have some folks on the forum who have had Africans longer. BUT how it was explained to me, by Lisa who went over, is that these dogs are dependent on the kindness of the villagers for food. A mean, or bad dog doesn't get fed, and doesn't pass on its genes. A submissive, sweet dog does.


Very nice pictures..they are all so sweet looking.

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