AJ New Duds

A bath and some fancy new bling…

The EarthDog Martingale collar came in while I was on the road... AJ sure makes it look good! 🙂

Thank you, Mr. Nobarkus!

AJ's looking great in that collar!


Great looking AJ…a pretty collar too.

Wow… really great looking collar (and dog, of course!). 🙂

First Basenji's

Cool new collar, I love the print. AJ is so handsome, and he even looks like he's smiling!

Looks great on AJ !

What a smart looking collar, AJ too! Been looking at them myself. What size did you get? Small or medium?

Thank you, Mr. Nerdy…and everyone else.

As per Mr. Nobarkus' suggestion, I got the small. There was more than enough room for adjustment.

AJ looks like he's so proud of his new collar - as well he should be, it looks quite elegant on him.

He looks well pleased Belinda 🙂

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