Another beautiful day for a walk

  • I love buddy's harness- where did u get that from Dan?

  • @Kipawa:

    Love the picture of him sighting out over the tall grass. Nothing better than a good long walk and a nice chair to curl up in afterwards.

    When we got into the dense forest area a coyote ran across the trail and down deeper in the woods. He stopped for a moment and we both watched then he took off again.

  • @sonnyboy:

    I love buddy's harness- where did u get that from Dan?

    😃 I'm laughing because it's a combo of a harness he just chewed that I bought from Sporn and a regular harness. Those black padded sides came off the Sporn harness and I slipped them on the regular harness for padding. AJsHuman mentioned the Sporn so I bought it. It's a good harness.

    I bought it because the nylon on the regular harness wears away the hair on Buddy's sides like a stripe.

  • First Basenji's

    Love the California weather. 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely pictures.
    Having heard horror stories, I've often wondered about coyotes and mountain lions when walking through more heavily forested parks in the area. I guess it depends on the time of day and region too. I would like to see one in the wild someday – provided it stay away in the distance!

  • Looks like a wonderful day, everything is so green and lush, with woods for shade…perfect walk for a basenji boy and his human. Thanks for sharing.

  • Houston

    Great pictures….I love the grass ones as well.

    Moses has the sporn harness, but it has rubbed him raw on his chest..he has what looks like to ruts down the front of his chest..I like the comfort look of it but wow, never expected to see two bloody ruts on his chest. Now, he is like walking a horse though, so maybe I should look in the horse section at the

  • Petra's problem is why I really don't like harness, I have never seen one that didn't rub and/or restrict the shoulder movement. Then they will compensate for the movement restriction.

    Have you tried the gentle leader with Moses?

  • Houston

    Have you tried the gentle leader with Moses?

    I haven't yet..don't like the way they look on the dog, I feel as if it looks like a muzzle to a novice dogperson..but this will be my next step. He walks OK in his collar, but if he sees something he just takes off.
    If possible, I would say Podengos are even less refined and more of a hunter type dog then basenjis..they are very similar in their "my nose si smelling something and I got to go" type behaviour.

  • I'm not crazy about harnesses either, but the Easy Walk is the one I found best for my girls - so far they haven't rubbed anywhere that I can see. Neither of my dogs would stand for the gentle leader - flipped over and never would walk. Nor can I walk them with just collars - their noses go to ground and they pull so hard I'm afraid they'll choke themselves - especially Shaye, whose neck is thin and you can feel the bones right on the bottom of her neck.

  • Lovely pictures Dan, the weather looks wonderful - just right for a Basenji walk.

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