Favorite Dog Clothes - It's Chilly

  • I know you guys are going to laugh at me, but Caesar is shivering in Florida.

    So I used to have this great fleece sweater for Caesar made by Fidofleece.com. It was awesome and had velcro up the back. He loved it because it was fitted to his chest and didn't cover his stuff so he could pee.

    Now I know this may be silly to you chilly people, but it is hitting 45 degrees in the morning and chilly all day warming up to 70s if you are in the sunshine. Caesar comes to work with me now which is an office in an automotive shop. Today he was shivering the entire day. I had to hold him in my lap wrapped up in one of my sweaters.

    I loved the Fido Fleece and the one he has now is too small. The colors they offer are a bit wild for me, but that is the style I am looking for. Any suggestions of other brands that make sweaters or fleece that fit well and keep the basenjis warm? I am not looking for collars, rain coats, or overly fashiony clothes, mostly functional.

    I found a sweater at Petsmart by Companion Road, but it isnt on their website, and I found only one.

    Please post your favorite companies….

  • Fido Fleece is my favorite and they have a website, http://www.fidofleece.com/

  • I like Ruff Dog Wear for good quality rugged and really warm stuff, http://www.ruffwear.com/

    for lighter stuff I just buy the coats at Old Navy (very affordable!).

  • Petedge is having a coat and sweater sale, check them out


  • These are great for the cold & easy to get on & off specifically made for basenjis too!!


  • http://www.equafleece.co.uk

    I have these for mine, though they are a uk company but might post to USA.


  • I got a lot of great items at Petco. They had a large selection and you can take your dog in and make sure it fits!! OR you can do what we did and make your own clothes– sweatsuit legs make great sweatsuits for your dog!!

  • thanks guys! This is a great thread!

  • You know how a lot of the clothes have guides that say this size should fit this breed? What breed size should I look for in buying something for the new pup? Its been so bitter cold here I would like to have something for her ahead of time. Any suggestions?

  • here is a pic of Caesar and Cairo chilling!


  • omg, they have matching sweaters! soooooo cute. b moms are so silly. haha. again, ceasar's face is extremely handsome!

  • well, jack doesnt like to wear clothes, but he loves!! bandannas!! lol. but of course i made him wear a shirt on xmas that said kiss me with a pic of mistletoe!! and then on halloween, we won the local costume contest at petco!!! lol. i wore a Navy shirt and hat with a sign on my back that said Go Navy beat Army, and Jack work a camo shirt and army hat, with a sign on his back that said Go Army, Sink Navy!! lol and we won, i was surprized…but it was awesome!! lol. very fun, ill have to put some pics up!!

  • When I got my B she was 8wks. old and it was still chilly here in NC when I would take her out to potty. I could not find any clothes to fit her b/c it was almost the end of the winter. So I took a old thermal underwear shirt of my hubby's and made a sweater out of one of the arms, I just cut it off and made holes for her legs, it worked great and she did not shiver anymore. Now she has coats and all of a sudden doesn't like to wear them anymore, it was 18 degrees the other night, I tried to put her coat on for her to go out and potty and she wouldn't have it. So I just said what the heck, "Ok stubborn go out and get cold. She was out there about 1 minute, just long enough to pee, and like a flash she came through the doggie door. B's just gotta have their way, just like my hubby and 23 yr. old son, that is why Sahara works for our family. haha!!!!

  • hehe, sounds like a B to me!! lol

  • Florida doggy sweaters? Oh momma! This is a real cute pic of your boys. Cairo looks like he's always been there and loves is brother and Ceasar looks like he's much happier again. 😉

  • OMG! Those matching sweaters are adorable!! They look like quite the handsome pair! Do you have one too, Betsey?? That would make it complete!!

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