• Can we? I've read that we can't pass the common cold to them, but we CAN pass the flu to them since, hostorically, all forms of the flu stem from what was originally Flu A, or avian flu, which came from birds.

    I have a sinus infection and my doc told me it was contagious until I was a day or so into the meds. My dog is always very close to me and I breathe on him and pet him and whatnot.

  • I don't know if dogs can get sick from human bacterial infections. Good questions though - maybe someone here knows for sure. But…I fear that we leave germs on our pets as we pet thier fur and kiss their heads when ill. Then another human, child, spouse or friends might pick up the germs from the dog we pet. Sort of like an unwashed door knob - in a way. Kind of gross, huh?

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