• Thanks to everybody who gave us advice while Lola was not feeling well a couple of weeks ago. Since then…..
    Lola had diarrhea for about 2 weeks off & on. She would be really bad for a day or two, I'd fast her & then give her chicken & rice & then she would get better for a day or two. So I did some more research on the forum, searching old threads and became convinced it was her food, rather than a bug. Last Sunday I went & bought some Blue Buffalo chicken & wild rice puppy formula, and the improvement was instantaneous and amazing!!! We were feeding her Nutro, and after some on the forum mentioned it had caused digestion issues, I had decided to change it. I chose Blue Buffalo based on the advice of several forum members, and the change was literally immediate. She had been fasting for 24 hours, and I didn't want her to starve before I got her new food, so I gave her just a handful of her Nutro in the am. She had diarrhea within a couple of hours. We switched her cold turkey since I figured her stomach couldn't possibly get more upset than it already was. She got Blue Buffalo for dinner, and on her evening walk had a solid poop. Not a single problem since!
    Thanks again for helping us to get through this & solve it!

  • Fantastic! I love this forum - it has gotten me thru many trials and tribulations. So glad you've researched and got results for Lola here. Folks on the forum are great for sharing tried and true methods.

  • Its just amazing what bad food can do to our poor b!
    Glad its all worked out!

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