• Oh no!!! No wonder you weren't taking them to the park this morning! Oh poor Lola girl…. Keep me updated on how she does after the fast. Once you start giving her food again baby food might be a good option because it's so moist.

  • @tanza:

    They do lose electrolytes.. and I have given mine pedialyte (and my Vet agrees/recommends)… I find that they like the ones you can freeze and then they can just lick the frozen pop.

    My vet said the same thing about them losing electrolytes and giving pedialyte after a bad bout of diarrhea…I asked that question last fall when Ruby was so sick.

  • My vet says diluted gatorade is ok but she doesn't like the salt content. She recommended pedialyte added to the water for my dogs.


    Good luck. I hope Lola feels better soon.

  • Thanks for all of the advice & well wishes! We are all better now! I started thinking about Robyn's comment about bad water… and she was licking water from a muddy puddle at the park earlier the day she got sick. So I'm thinking that might have done it. I took the pedialyte suggestion... I got the freezer pops & before they were frozen gave them to her like water in her bowl, and then gave her a frozen one in her crate when I left for work. Fed her chicken & rice for one meal after 24 hours of fasting, and she perked right up. Her stool is still a little bit loose, but I don't think its cause for concern anymore.
    Thank you again!!

  • Are you referring to the muddy water in the ditch at Brook Run? Because my two always like to spend their sweet time poking around in there and of course they switch into selective hearing mode..gah! It looks like riley either eats or licks the mud too. What the hell? Hopefully the park organizers take care of that ASAP. I know they're working on it.

  • So glad Lola is feeling better. A sick basenji is a sad thing.

  • Glad to hear too that Lola is better….

  • My basenji gets diarrhea whenever she eats any sort of bone especially with marrow, etc. We have to be really careful with all food/treats. Her stomach is very temperamental.

  • Maui, I do indeed mean the mud/latest fashion accessory at Brook Run :p

    And it is nice to have her back… its depressing to see them not their usual selves.

  • @Andrew:

    Maui, I do indeed mean the mud/latest fashion accessory at Brook Run :p

    Lol. Niiiiice. I'm sorry you missed my epic trip 'n fall and then my having to walk around with half of me covered in mud. It was….something else. I'm really leery of that part of the park now. Damn root sticking out of the ground.

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