• Just wondering if anyone has a lease contract/agreement, for placement of puppies, that they wish to share with me 🙂 ???

    I have a possible show quality/potential puppy enquiry, and they were wondering about a lease agreement for about 12 months, then, at the end of the lease, either return the pup, (If it isnt show quality, or more importantly, if the persone doesnt/cant/wont live with a B anymore), or pay for it and the dog is signed over to them ;).

    I've not seen anything, nor heard anything, about these contracts, and I dont have a clue where to even start looking for info :)…

  • I could send you a copy of my contract but I don't have anything that would cover the situation you are talking about. For me the home is first and foremost and if they happen to want to show or do performance that is all icing. I would be really concerned about someone who doesn't want to commit to the dog for 12 months. What happens when the dog finishes its show career?

  • I think I need to add some more info, to clarify this :)…

    This lady is contemplaing buying 2 B pups, (Im trying to talk her out of this, so far unsuccessfully !!!). She has an Afghan and a couple of Beagles as well. She does show her dogs. She has done her homework, (does anyone ever do enough homework on the breed, before getting their first ;)), and thinks she will be a good home for a B, who she has often admired. At the first kennels that she has approached, she was offered a show potential puppy, from 1 of the 2 litters. She couldnt decide between the 2 litters, so decided to get a pup from both litters to show, (of course, if there were a pup in each litter that was suitable). She then made contact with me about a show pup, from Ochre, I am presuming she will only be getting 1 pup now from the other breeder... (None of the finer details have been worked out, its all still very much up in the air...). She then told me about how the original breeder mentioned having the pup/s on a leased agreement. My initial thoughts were what a good idea. As far as I am aware this was suggested by the breeder, to actually protect the pups. If the lady decided that the B wasnt the breed for her, if she found the dogs werent up to show potential, etc, etc, the breeder will then take the pup/s back, and there is no hard feelings from either party.

    I guess I havent really thought about it very much, prior to asking on here, cos I now realise that a normal contract could proably cover the issues stated :o...

    None of this is set in stone at all. I was just thinking about a lease agreement, and I had not even heard of one, let alone seen one, and I had no idea what to even put in it :).

    Ivoss, I totally agree with what you say. I want to place pups into homes that I would like to think are forever homes... I guess I was just thinking about the protection of the pup, IF, they realised they didnt like the breed, etc... This lady does want to commit to the dog forever, BUT... We all know things can and do happen...

    I would LOVE to see a copy of your contract :). In fact I might change the topic's name to contracts, not lease agreements...

    If anyone else wants to send me a copy of their contracts, I would be VERY interested. Its not something I have ever done, so it is a whole new world to me...

    Am I allowed to post my email address on this thread ???

  • I dont know how to change the topic name :o. Im sure its very easy, just cant find out how :o…

    Anyone ???

  • I think that I would have the same reaction as lvoss regarding a lease… This is not something we see in Basenjis in the US... the only time you really see a lease situation is if someone wanted to lease a bitch for breeding. I have never heard of one with a lease situation on a potential show pup?...

    I too have show contracts, but nothing that would cover the situation you are talking about.

  • I would recommend talking to the other breeder this lady is presumably getting another pup from. If the other breeder has a lease style contract, they may be willing to share their contract with you.

    The only thing I could think of otherwise would be find something else that's leased (like a car) and look at one of those contracts. I have had to write a receipt contract before and had to find three others that had what I wanted and use those as a base to write my own completely new one.

  • A great resource for Dog Contracts is the Newfoundland Club of Seattle's website. They put together a nice set of sample contracts along with a booklet on contract language.


  • Rent a dog???? Is this something new? I thought we were supposed to be in this for the benefit of the breed and the well-being of the dogs. How can renting a dog be good for it when it proves to be not "show" quality and has already invested its emotional capital in the family or person who is renting it?

    Am I missing something here?

  • In the US, leasing is used mostly for breeding and usually when a person owns a stud dog that they would like to breed to a bitch. Since the "breeder" is considered to be the bitch owner, a person can "lease" a bitch to breed. Arrangements for who actually has possession depends on the people involved.

    I think the idea that the dog is being protected by the lease in this agreement is that because they will not be the actual owner during the first 12 months at the end of that term if things are not working out the dog would be returned to the breeder. In most sale contracts, return of the dog is required anyway so this isn't really adding any benefit. In a show contract, if the dog doesn't turn out the person is usually offered another dog as part of the contract.

  • I have to wonder-if she's getting a dog from you, and a dog from another breeder, is she looking to breed down the road and is that why she has approached two different breeders? It's something you might want to ask about. If that's the way she is going, has she researched the pedigrees? There are lots of things to think about IMO.

  • I know I am pretty new to the basenji world, but wouldn't a regular contract cover this? It's my understanding that a regular contract usually indicates the buyer should return the basenji to the breeder for any reason. But I don't like that this potential buyer seems to be aware they may not keep the dog if things don't work out for them. Then you have a basenji that is older and that could possibly have training issues that you now have to re-home, in essence a BRAT. Just my opinion.

  • I too would have thought that a normal breeder's contract would cover this eventuality.

    I personally am never happy to home a Basenji with someone who might only want it if it does well at shows although I have heard of people returning Basenjis because they weren't instant show successes. How heartless can one be?

  • Clearly I have not been able to get across my question.

    Thanks to those who have sent me their contracts to look at.

    I will work it out for myself now :mad:.

  • I understand what you are talking about.
    I have actually talked to someone about leasing one of my dogs.
    But, it is with the intent of me sending him overseas for a few years then getting him back after he has been used for breeding an been able to have a wonderful show career over there.

    As Pat and Lisa said, this is not common in the US.

    Personally, I would want to know WHY they want two dogs. Training two Basenjis is NOT the same as training two Afghans or Beagles. I could see wanting to move to a less hairy breed, as she has uber amounts of hair in her place I am sure!

    You have to think… do your puppy to be the one that gets the short end of the stuck and you get it back and have to "fix" what wasn't done in raising that you would have done? There are so many what-ifs to ponder to decide if this is really the route you want to go.

    Also, you have to know that if she gets a male and a female, the likelihood of an accident is always there... so you would want to make sure if the other is a carrier, yours MUST be a clear, and vice versa. Better to be safe than sorry. You can email me off the boards if you want, I might be able to help you.

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