• We finally got our fence complete a couple of days ago. Though dh finished the last bit while I was at work and got to watch them take their first sprint around the yard without me.

    So tonight the fur kids had another B over to run with them in the yard. The lady who bought the B after falling in love with zoe lives a couple blocks from me and we let her brindle "Dixie" run with zoe and chief. Dixie is 2 days younger then chief. They ran around for an hour then layed for awhile at our feet before they ran some more. Seeing 3 Bs running together was great. Hubby better watch out LOL I have been throwing hints at him about fostering. But so far no bites :(.

    Next time I need to get pics

  • Isn't it great to get an outstanding household task finished? And now you can spend your time letting b's run around without worry. Hope you all have fun and enjoy the new yard.

  • Congratulations! A nice fenced yard = tired basenjis=good basenjis!

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