Trixie has the run of the house!

  • Again I know I have been away too long but things get so busy! Just wanted to let everyone know that we have hit a milestone with Trixie! She does not need to be locked up any more in her crate during the day!!!!!! We started by leaving her out for just a little while each day and found that nothing was being shredded or destroyed. She is now on her own with her big sister Josie of course all day! Nothing is ever touched (bedroom doors and bathroom doors are always SHUT!!) But things have gotten so much better! She does still have her moments at night when we are all home! SHE IS A BIG ONE FOR ATTENTION! But so far so good!!:)

  • I hope we are able to do that one day.

  • Wow. I am impressed. We're still at the stage where she won't be crated, can't stand to have one of us out of her sight, and if we're ignoring her she grabs something she isn't supposed to and runs all over the place until we have to pay attention and play. We're having dreams of an adult dog…......hopefully she'll get there someday.

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