Running with what age?
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  • I have an 8 month old basenji that loves taking walks. Lately she has been trying to run on leash. Is she old enough to start running with me? I have read a lot of forums that differ in age requirements for running. If she is old enough, what is a safe distance that won't put too much strain on her joints/growth plates?

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  • The issue is surface at her age. Road work on pavement is tough on dogs of any age. Breeders here will be able to address this better.

    LOL however, on the leash... no pulling allowed! :)

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  • @roffutt1 - I don't run, so not much help, but I would say build up slow, short distance at first... how far do you usually run? And have you talked to her breeder about this?

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  • @tanza I haven't been running in awhile but I normally top out at three miles. I definitely won't try to run my basenji this far though. I was thinking about starting at a mile. I haven't talked to her breeder yet.

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