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i forgot the best one
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i've had this sweet girl for roughly 2 months and only recently realized she is almost full basenji. she's 8 or 9 months old, 20-25 lbs. i think she's mixed with terrier. her middle toes are almost joined at the bottom (they are technically fused but there is a little hair creating a visual separation). she also barks sometimes, but makes a lot of other weird vocalizations that i've never heard come from a dog before. i'm mostly just excited to have a dog psychological and behavioral profile that makes sense for her, lol.

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my basenji mix is 9 months. i started running 3 miles with her at 7 months. she doesn't need any recovery time but she pulls so much that sometimes my knees don't appreciate it, and that's what i have to gauge when i'm assessing whether to take her on a run or not.

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