Tucker sends a 95lb Sheepdog running…

  • So I've been dating this girl who has an overweight Old English Sheepdog that weighs about 95lbs (if not a few more). It goes without saying that this is a LOT of dog to deal with. But anyway…

    We introduced the dogs on neutral turf and they seemed to do fine together. However, whenever we are indoors, whether it be my place or hers, her dog constantly nips at Tucker and has pissed him off a few times and she usually backs down when Tucker gives her a good snarl. Apparently, sheepdogs do this nipping thing all the time, it's kinda a genetic thing stemming from herding sheep. Tucker actually steers clear of this massive dog for the most part. Every now and again, they just chase each other around in play, so neither of us have been overly worried. I have been hoping Tucker would teach this behemoth a lesson for quite some time now because she nips at him ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME!, but, until last night, he hasn't...

    So were sitting there and Tucker is minding his own business and Maggie, the OESD is cruising buy and decides to nip Tucker who didn't take it too well this time. Tucker flared up, snarled and bit the crap out of Maggie and sent he yelping and running for the Kitchen. I couldn't have been more pleased. Maggie keeps her distance now.

    (For those of you who are considering the response of "you shouldn't condone them fighting", take a moment to consider the size difference of these two dogs. Tucker weighs about 25 and Maggie weighs about 95. Tuckers mouth won't go around a single part of Maggies body (aside from maybe a foot) but Maggie's mouth would pretty much swallow Tuckers head whole)...

    I say 'teach that mutt a lesson, Tucker!'.

    /proud father

  • Good for Tucker for showing he's not going to be pushed around!

  • How did your girlfriend take it?

  • LMAO sounds like my two and the cat, Tiggy is bigger then Pigmy and Pigmy still whoops up on Tiggy when he gets out of line (she's not a small cat though, she's about 13lbs of solid muscle, and fluff)

  • OH gosh 😃 :D…do you still have a girlfriend :eek: LOL!!! I can understand where Tucker's coming from. Maggie's mom should have stopped her from doing this to him. It was only a matter of time.

  • @ChaseandZahrasmom:

    How did your girlfriend take it?

    She just blew it off. She's witnessed Maggies 'nip attacks' on Tucker for 4 weeks now and has seen how Tucker pretty much cows out around Maggie. I guess he's just had enough. I think she agreed that Maggie had it coming. The funniest part is that we've all seen Basenji's when they get really pissed and they can be like little tasmanian devils. After the snarling and yelping subsided, there were tufts of sheepdog hair snowing around the room where Tucker had ripped fur out. Pretty funny to me… I don't think Tucker hurt Maggie, just scared the piss out of her since she wasn't acustomed to that sort of response from him. His mouth isn't really big enough to truly wrap around any part of Maggie...

  • We usually just try to run interference where we can. 🙂 It's not a big deal. Noone's dog has even drawn blood. I think Maggie just plays a bit too rough. Tuck can take care of himself. He prolly need a bit of 'putting in his' place himself. So it's a learning experience for both dogs.

    Only problem is that I think it mildly bothers her when her dog fights because ANOTHER boyfriend had a rotweiler and, when her dog was just a puppy, it was nipping at the rotweiler and the rotty took a chunk out of Maggies head. Pretty bloody that time, but the rotty was twice Maggie's size at the time. I don't think Tucker bothers her because the size difference is just WAY unbalanced, but from the opposite perspective.

    I forgot to add a funny story from this morning. I stayed over last night and Tucker sleeps in the bed with us. Tucker was under the covers when the alarm went off this morning and I had to leave. Tucker popped out from under the covers at the foot of the bed and Maggie was sleeping there. Maggie looked up and saw Tucker and it scared the bejesus out of her and she want tearing off into the other room. We were cracking up. Maggie thought she'd seen a ghost. ROFL!

  • Too funny (the morning story). And yay to Tucker for finally standing up (?) to Maggie!

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