• So Tucker ended up doing fine at Dulles Gateway Kennels (for those of you in the DC area). He was glad to see me when I got home from Europe yesterday. My roommate had picked him up earlier in the day to avoid the additional day charge.

    Seems he didn't bite anyone and they said he didn't cause any problems.

    All that worrying for nothing… :p

    One last thing... AVOID ABSINTH AT ALL COST!!! 😃

  • YAY!!!! GO TUCKER…GOOD BOY!! 😃 😃 So does he get a big steak dinner as a reward? 😉

  • Yay Tucker - I just hope EL D does as well when I have to board him the first time in april. :o

  • Glad he did good and there were no issues, good boy Tucker.


    One last thing… AVOID ABSINTH AT ALL COST!!! 😃

    I guess I forgot the mention that part since I live in Europe :o :p I say don't avoid, just use in extreme moderation 😉

  • sorry double post

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