Most handsome couple around!

You won't find them cuter than this….

and today we are going shopping for another suit…
he needs another one to have a change through the weekend!
He's put 3 singles on "L'Mo" and he needs just 4 more to finish.
Can't wait for Daniel to finish his Juniors dog!

BTW... Daniel has been handling for 2 years now [he will be 11 next month].
What a good looking pair!!

The picture doesn't show for me. 😞

Nor me :(….......

Hmmm….Seems I can't link to your FB page... I'll try again later. Maybe it's too busy.

I'm sure they were spectacular.

The link doesn't work for me either. 😞


Asweome..Yes they are a good looking pair indeed.

Facebook says

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Pics didn't come through for me either - and not on Facebook - oh well.

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