• 😃 yall had it coming! awe, who knew my regal dog could look so ridiculous? 🙂

    and this is him blinking for the flash

  • he is handsome allright! very cute

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhh !!!! LOL …. Love the horns !!! Lil Devil Dog is what i call Sandie when shes getting into mischief... Great pictures !!! And a handsome boy he is ....

  • this little devil has more of an angel face ont this photo:D

  • Thanks for the pic. I am still chuckling. I don't think my Hollie would wear that for long. She is anti clothing/costumes. Thanks again.

  • Awwwww!! How gorgeous Laura….
    Thanks for sharing

  • Talker looks adorable in his Prisoner costume. They act like prisoners anyway when crated. Might as well be one . . . Thanks for starting this thread.

    :p Duke in his Bumble Bee costume at Pet Smart's Howl-o-ween party last night. My son made me take him so he could give his "Scream" costume a trial run. :rolleyes: So we suited Duke up too and off we went. I saw a red Devil costume on one dog - it would have suited him better than the Bee. 😃


  • talker and duke are adorable. i love it 🙂 my mother and her b's would never approve. lol.

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