• Please forgive my ignorance but I am going to ask this question because I'm an information hound bark

    I've seen a lot of posts lately regarding diet, specifically using a high protein kibble diet (instead of those with lots of fillers). Some of you also feed raw. I am just curious how the basenji body deals with high protein diets. In humans (I know perhaps not the best comparison) a very high protein diet can lead to kidney damage. Is this different in dogs, and in particular the basenji? And if the basenji is in the early stages of fanconi, wouldn't a high protein diet be hard on the renals/kidneys?

    Thanks, folks.

  • There is a lot of debate about high protein diet but all research shows that it does not cause kidney damage. Low protein diets however are beneficial to dogs who already have kidney problems.
    If you look at dog's ancestry and wild dogs today, their main diet is made up of raw meats, I like to think of dogs as opportunistic carnivores, ie their primary diet consists of meat but when needed they will eat vegitation. That is at least, how wild canids are.

    I would think a low protein diet would be recommended for a dog effected by fanconi but im not an expert on that.

    Edited to add that kibbles without a lot of fillers are not always neccessarily high in protein, you can get kibble with more moderate protein levels but have healthier ingredients (ie not random corn and rice products, but grains that can be beneficial for example normal wellness)

  • And the good news about Fanconi is that with the DNA test there is no reason for any Basenji to have this as long as breeders test before breeding.

  • I have just posted recently about my Basenji, Buddy and his tests (blood and urinalysis). He's about 1-1/2 and he had calcium oxalate crystals in his urine. His tests showed his protein a bit high too. So I lowered it a bit by adding some veggies and cooked brown rice. I also had to get more liquid in his food as he's not a water drinker. His second test came in perfect with no crystals and a PH of 7. Also his coat is better too. I use the PH strips to check his urine as well. If you feed too much veggies and fruit the dog can get too alkaline and the bladder developes bacteria. I have had that happen to my last 2 Basenjis. The bladder was not acidic enough. Buddy was too acidic. There has to be a balance and every Basenji's needs are different. Also be careful not to over feed.

  • Houston

    My dogs are all on raw..i.e high protein diets, but I do supplement with veggies and every now and then grains like brown rice or oatmeal, even quinoa sometimes…variation is key I believe in a well rounded diet and to prevent boredom.

  • Really? Quinoa? Hmmm… I have never thought about that. How frequently?

  • Houston

    I tried answering via my phone, but I guess it didn't work. I usually don't measure but mix it all into their meats, or kibble if they are on it. They love quinoa, shoot they love anything coming from the kitchen..:) Usually a few times a week, to maybe three times a week, veggies they get daily and green smoothies, at least Otis, he adores my green smoothies.

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