• Hello everyone!

    My 2-1/2 yr old male basenji has been on a Purina Pro Plan lamb and rice diet since the latter part of last year at the advice of my vet. He has very dry skin and has had demodectic mange in the past. I also add a supplement to his food to improve his skin condition. His skin and hair have improved tremendously!

    Cristo occasionally gets bile vomiting in the morning because he does not always eat when he should (I don't think he is crazy about the food). I think he also has a sensitive stomach. He recently had vomiting and diarrhea (either from something he ate or he caught a bug). He has been on on id canned food for the past 3-4 days and he loves it. Does anyone have a basenji on strictly id dry and wet food? Since he enjoys it so much, why not keep him on it?

    Thanks for your help!


  • Is that the name ID or is it IVD? Just wondering since I just switched to IVD-Rabbit due to my B's allergies to everything under the sun.

  • It's i/d for dogs.


  • I'm trying the Innuvo EVO. It's high protein/lo carbs. My good friend (APU Basenjis) who has been a breeder since 1973 recommends it.

  • The i/d is pretty darn expensive. And I prefer not to feed wet food for three reasons: dry is better for their teeth, wet stinks, and it makes their poop smell worse 😉

    But it sounds like he has some intestinal issues, so I would go with the advice of your vet.

  • There is also a low fat EVO that is meat and fruit, no grains… I have been slowly changing mine to it and they are doing great... but until you have the intestinal issues under control, I would keep him on that if that is what your Vet is recommending. And for the skin you can get 3V Caps.. they are a great supplement

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