Basenji in Puerto Rico needs home

A man in Puerto Rico posted his basenji to BRAT. Although I would love to fly there and evaluate the dog, BRAT is unable to accept him due to he complexity of meeting our preapproval criteria. I told the gentleman that I would post to other basenji lists. I received pictures of a handsome tricolor purebred that I can forward to anyone who is interested. Here is more information along with owner contact. He says Abbasi is up to date with all vetting. Emilio is willing to pay all expenses to ship him to an adopter. He wants to find him a good home that understands the breed.

call_name: abbasi
dog_state: pr
dob: feb 09 2006
gender: Male
color: Tri
weight: 30
spayed/neutered?: Yes
breeder unknown?: Yes
pet shop basenji?: No
pedigree_breeder_place_of_purchase: it was given to me by a friend who owns the father and the mother
healthy?: Yes
is the dog on meds?: Yes
list_meds: heartguard once a month
have rabies certificate?: Yes
is the dog tattooed?: No
micro-chipped?: No
dog eats?: 1x day,
Dry fooddry_food: royal canine
how_to_feed: once a day
temperament: dog aggressive, once he get to know the dog will stop being agressive, he lives with a pitbull. very confident, independet, loves to walk and needs lots of excersice.
lived with kids?: Yes
likes kids?: Yes
lived with cats?: No
likes cats?: No
lived with dogs?: Yes
likes dogs?: Yes, No
likes both men and women?: Yes
nips?: Yes
bites?: No
crate trained?: Yes
sleep_spot: crate with blankets
housebroken?: Yes
house destructive?: No
destructive outside?: No
climber?: Don't know
escaper?: Yes
wakes up badly?: No
rides well in car?: No
gets carsick?: No
rides in crate?: Yes
owner_name: emilio Marquez
owner_address: C/ modena 1550 Fuentebella
owner_city: toa altaowner_
state: Pr
owner_zip: 00953
owner_day_phone: 787 567 9922
owner_evening_phone: same
years_owned: 4months; 1previous_owner
placement_reason: moving to apartment with no patio and he needs patio to run.
placement_deadline: ASAP
dog has a crate?: Yes
crate_size: medium

Liz, I hope this boy finds a home in the states soon.
Thanks for posting this.


I sure this boy finds a forever home ..soon.

Sounds like he needs an experienced owner, and some socialization.
We are so lucky to have great rescue organizations (BRAT, and other smaller rescues) to help our breed.

I hate to be someone who "rains" on this post, but with all the e-mail scams, Pat as been involved with one, I hope this is a legit post and not a scam.

If it is a scam, it's a sad topic to make into a scam. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it is legit, and hope the dog finds a good home that knows basenjis.

Yes, Fran, I agree. There is a special place in hell for folks who use dogs and those who love them, to get $$$.
BUT they are out there. I hope this is a kind person with a love for his basenji.

If he's willing to pay all expenses to send the dog, and I don't see any request for $$$, what kind of scam would it be?

In any case, if it is real, I really wish I could help being so close to PR - literally a 15-20 minute flight. 😞 One day I'll have a big house with a yard…but not yet.


Yes, Fran, I agree. There is a special place in hell for folks who use dogs and those who love them, to get $$$.
BUT they are out there. I hope this is a kind person with a love for his basenji.

I agree but I don't think it is one of those since the guy is willing to pay the fees to get the dog to the adopter. I also think I saw something in the BRAT emails about this dog.

I know peoples emails have been hacked before but Liz does post here occasionally.

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